A putter is a type of 2nd swing golf club that is used for hitting the ball on the putting green towards the hole. It is designed to have a flat face and a low loft angle, which helps the ball roll smoothly along the ground rather than lifting it into the air.

There are many different types of putters available, each with their own unique design pga superstore and features. Some of the most popular types of putters include:

Blade putters: These are classic taylormade putter with a thin blade-like head and a small sweet spot. They require a skilled stroke to use effectively, but can be very accurate.

Mallet putters: These have a larger head and a more forgiving sweet spot. They often have unique shapes and alignment aids to help golfers line up their shots.

Counterbalanced putters: These putters have a heavier head and a longer grip, which can help golfers maintain a smoother stroke and reduce wrist action.

Insert putters: These putters have a soft insert in the face, which can help absorb vibrations and create a more consistent roll.

Face-balanced putters: These putters have a face that is perfectly balanced, which can help golfers keep the face square to the target line throughout the stroke.

When choosing a golf putters for saler, it is important to consider factors such as your stroke type, your skill level, and your personal preferences. Trying out different putters and getting fitted by a professional can help you find the right putter for your game.

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