BenQ TK700STi 4K HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector



Are your looking to buy BenQ TK700STi 4K HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own BenQ TK700STi 4K HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector.


BenQ TK700STi 4K HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector

The BenQ TK700STi is a 4K HDR short-throw gaming projector designed by BenQ, a popular brand known for producing high-quality display solutions. As of my last update in September 2021, the TK700STi was a relatively new model, and additional information on its specific features and performance might have emerged since then.

Here are some key features that were associated with the BenQ TK700STi based on information available up to September 2021:

  1. 4K Ultra HD Resolution: The projector offers a 3840×2160 resolution, also known as 4K, providing a detailed and sharp image quality.
  2. HDR Support: High Dynamic Range (HDR) allows for a wider range of colors and contrast, resulting in more realistic and vibrant visuals.
  3. Short Throw Projection: Short throw projectors are designed to be placed close to the screen or wall, enabling larger images to be projected in smaller spaces compared to regular projectors.
  4. Gaming Optimization: The projector is optimized for gaming, offering low input lag and features like Game Mode to enhance the gaming experience.
  5. Lumen Output: The projector should have a high lumen output to ensure bright and clear images, even in well-lit rooms.
  6. Connectivity: It should include various input options like HDMI, USB, and audio ports to connect gaming consoles, media players, and other devices.
  7. Integrated Speakers: Typically, projectors come with built-in speakers, but for the best audio experience, it’s recommended to use external speakers or a home theater sound system.

When considering a projector, it’s essential to research and compare the specifications and reviews to ensure it meets your specific needs. Projector technology and models can evolve quickly, so I recommend checking for any updates or newer models released after September 2021 to get the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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13 reviews for BenQ TK700STi 4K HDR Short Throw Gaming Projector

  1. Joseph

    Excellent projector

    The 3D complain should be ignore as a firmware will be out in a few days/weeks. This projector has not the humming that the optomas has. It is small and quiet at smart eco. The hdr sux because it’s a dlp projector… I’ll try other strings but I’m not convinced. Warranty is 3 years and it’s nice. The gaming mode rock and it should be has advised. The google tv is nice but not a deal breaker for me. For movies, it’s pretty good and the 4K looks sharp.

  2. Thomas

    Great projector for light-controlled rooms

    Coming from a 720p beamer, this Benq was a revelation. Nine times the resolution, increased brightness and a picture that just looks fantastic! I mounted this projector to my ceiling to get it out of the way, and despite the fact that it’s not tiny, I hardly notice it – the fan noise is almost absent.

    I have it connected to a PS5 for 4K gaming, and it’s projecting 100″ onto a 1.1 gain screen. The colours are bright and true to life. Blacks can’t really compare to other modern display technology like OLED, but if you know what you’re getting, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve watched movies, played games and put through some streaming to see what everything looks like and there isn’t one bit of media with which I’ve been disappointed.

    The main drawback I’ve found is in the included streaming stick. While it works fairly well, it only sends stereo sound through the ARC HDMI port, which is disappointing. I’m hoping a firmware fix might bring this to 5.1, but at the moment, stereo out is the best you can do.

  3. Daniel

    It’s amazing for gaming

    The picture is amazing. True 4k
    If you own an Xbox series x or a ps5 and you want to put it on the big screen, this is the projector to get
    4k HDR10

  4. Matthew

    Works great for my garage golf simulator

    Great 4K picture on my simulator and bright enough to play with the sun shining in a sizeable window nearby. The built in speaker is OK for the golf commentary and background sounds but would need a sound bar or surround system to immerse in a blockbuster move. The photo shows my 12 foot wide 16 x 9 picture (165” diagonal) with the projector about 12 feet away.
    Very happy with my purchase.

  5. Andrew

    Bright and Colorful, Short Throw

    I purchased the TK700STI to replace a BenQ projector Price the W1080ST projector that was only HD and 2000 lumens. I had trouble finding a quality 4K overhead projector with the same short throw of 10′ with a 165″ screen.
    I had to move the projector back 2′ to the next ceiling stud with a 12′ throw. But that filled the 165″ diagonal screen nicely.
    The increased brightness at 3000 lumens was much nicer, even though I had a dark theater room. The colors were much better, even though it’s limited to Rec 709 96%, not the DCI P3 with a bit more color. But the color is very good, and I can’t find a DCI P3 projector with short throw at any price.
    The resolution is better in 4K of course. But all DLP like this use dithering to create the higher resolution. The only noticeable effect is with dark lettering on a white background, when I see a faint ghost around all side of the letters. Generally, it’s not noticeable and high-resolution color scenes look great!
    The low latency is good for gaming, but I don’t use it for that.

  6. Owen

    Love this, highly recommended.

    I bought this with a 120′ screen and use it for console gaming. When paired with my PS5 and a high quality sound bar, the picture and sound are amazing. No noticeable input lag in 4k, and the projector can be made very bright. My only complaint is the mount that comes with it is slightly wobbly. Its only noticeable when people are walking on the floor upstairs directly above where this is mounted, as I get a slight picture shake.

  7. Alexander

    Not a 3D Projector not worth

    As claimed this is not a 3D projector, if you are a 3D lover and looking for a projector gor overall Home entertainment this is not a correct projector.. at this price you will get much better options

  8. Sebastian

    Excellent Projector. Sharp Clarity.

    Been using since 2 months, unmatched clarity and experience.

  9. Daniel

    One of the best

    Definitely a 5 star product

  10. Jack

    Very impressive at this price range

    Delivers on the promise of bright vivid sharp 4K picture quality. If portability, sharp picture quality, compact design, short throw, brightness matter at a reasonable cost (sub 2lacs) then this is the one.

    I am using it for watching mostly movies projected on the wall (120-150 inch) in the living room with ambient lighting. Sitting 12 ft away paired to a sound bar with Atmos capabilities, it sounds and looks phenomenal. The projector has brightness capabilities to do a good job even during the day with lots of light streaming through. If you will mostly watch in a dim / blacked out environment then you can look at other models with lower lumens, deeper blacks. My usage was going to be mixed ( movies, sports etc) hence the need for a bright projector

    Cons: blacks aren’t great. Some details are missed out in dark scenes. Bit of fan sound can be heard when not playing. Limited lens adjustment ( though it wasn’t a deal breaker )

    Pros: great looks, great picture quality, light weight, easy setup and connectivity. eARC connectivity delivers great Dolby Atmos surround sound. Does a great job off a wall as well. Should be amazing with a ALR screen. Haven’t tried the gaming capabilities.

    In this price range this is one of the best. If you can stretch to 3.5-4L, you could look at some Laser options (Optoma Cinemax P2, Xgimi Aura)

  11. Michael

    Just one drawback

    Enjoying the projector for nearly a year, and noticed only one thing that irritates me: you can turn it on via HDMI-CEC, but you can’t turn it off this way. Looks like they did it on purpose (to avoid switching off when many devices are connected) and will never fix.

  12. joeysan

    Good quality short throw projector (not ULTRA short!)

    I bought the projector for my living room. To be clear: I am not interested in using it as a gaming beamer, and I did not test how it behaves in this regard.
    I’ve been first looking at an Epson projector, but because of an existing hanging lamp placed between the back wall and the screen, I needed a short throw projector. This projector allows me to project a ~3m wide image from 2.5-3.0m, fulfilling my requirements.
    The good:
    – Image quality
    – Included smart stick: works flawlessly with Amazon Prime, YouTube and other services (I don’t have Netflix, so I don’t know if it works)
    – Relatively compact size
    – Included loudspeaker is definitely alright for casual use (for movie watching I currently exploit the bluetooth connection. This causes a (very) slightly delay in the audio, but it could depend on my bluetooth receiver, which is quite old. An HDMI Arc connection is also available).
    The bad:
    – The projector is quite loud. Usually not a big problem, but when there isn’t any background music/sound it is definitely audible.
    – No lens shift (carefull placement needed)

    All in all I am very happy with the projector.

  13. Liam

    Installation simple

    Après 2 mois d’utilisation premiers retours :
    Qualité super !! Aussi bien jeux vidéos que films ou tv (après quelques réglages trouvés sur internet)

    Par contre je suis déçu des déconnexions internet trop fréquentes malgré la fibre et un débit très rapide
    Idem pour le Bluetooth qui se déconnecte fréquemment (je n’ai pas trouvé la solution pour les 2, mais je suis preneur si d’autres rencontre le problème également)

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