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Are your looking to buy Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder.


Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder

The Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder is a golf rangefinder produced by Bushnell, a well-known brand in the field of sports optics. While I don’t have real-time information about specific product updates beyond my September 2021 knowledge cutoff, I can provide some general information about the Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder based on its historical features.

The Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder is designed to assist golfers in measuring distances accurately on the golf course. It utilizes laser technology to determine the precise distance from the device to various targets, such as flags or hazards. This information can help golfers make more informed decisions about club selection and shot strategy.

One notable feature of the Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder is its Slope mode. This feature takes into account the incline or decline of the terrain to provide adjusted distance measurements, factoring in the uphill or downhill slopes. However, it’s important to note that using the Slope mode is typically not allowed in competitive play as it provides an advantage over traditional rangefinders.

The Pro XE Rangefinder also incorporates Bushnell’s proprietary technology called “PinSeeker with JOLT.” When the device locks onto a target, it gives a tactile “jolt” feedback to indicate that it has identified the flag or the desired target. This feature helps golfers ensure they are measuring the correct distance.

The device features a high-quality, clear optics display, often with a 6x magnification, allowing for better visibility and target acquisition. It is typically compact and lightweight, designed to be easy to handle and carry during a round of golf.

Please note that there may have been updates or newer versions of the Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder since my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on the product specifications and features, I recommend visiting the official Bushnell website or contacting their customer support.


$50 Instant Savings (price as shown)


The Longest.  The Most Accurate.  The Most Consistent.  The Best Ever.

Shoots flags at 500+ yards to within 1 yard, making it the most powerful golf laser ever.

Slope with Elements

Tour-trusted compensated distances have been taken to the next level with “Elements.”  Temperature and altitude have been added to Bushnell’s patented Slope technology to give golfers the most precise compensated distances ever.

PinSeeker with Visual JOLT

JOLT has been advanced with the all new “Visual JOLT.”  A red ring now flashes as JOLT vibrates to give the golfer even greater feedback and confidence to know you have locked onto the flag.

BITE Magnetic Mount

Also new to the Pro XE is Bushnell’s exclusive BITE magnetic mount that allows you to easily mount the Pro XE right on the cart bar.


– Slope with Elements

– PinSeeker with Visual JOLT Technology

– Built-in BITE Magnetic Cart Mount

– Positive Click Slope Switch

– Enhanced Ultra-Bright Backlight Display

– Ranges 500+ Yards to a Flag

– Accurate to 1 Yard

– Rubber Armored Metal Housing

– IPX7 Fully Waterproof

– 7X Magnification

– Newly Designed Premium Carry Case and CR2 Battery Included



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