CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart Bag Caddy


Are your looking to buy CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart Bag Cadd for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart Bag Cadd.


CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart Bag Caddy

  • Follow Mode – Automatically Follows the Golfer
  • Marching Mode – Also Can Track In Front of the Golfer
  • Easily Switch Between Control Modes
  • Robotic Technology Enables Smooth Turns, Starts & Stops
  • Powerful & Quiet 250 Watt Dual Motors
  • CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart Bag Caddy

CaddyTrek will include four CaddyTrek accessories for free: CaddyTrek Umbrella Holder, CaddyTrek Cupholder, CaddyTrek Scorecard Holder, and CaddyTrek Golf Cart Phone Holder. The CaddyTrek is an electric golf push cart that carries your bag so you don’t have to. The CaddyTrek allows golfers to walk hands free, allowing players to enjoy the game of golf without the burden of carrying a bag. Less fatigue means better levels of concentration and control when driving to the tee or playing the short game. Studies show that walking improves stamina and core strength, and is beneficial to overall fitness in burning calories and building muscle tone. For players who hesitate in walking their round, the CaddyTrek provides a solution to the challenge of managing your gear. Now you can just focus on the game!

The Original comes in black or candy apple red with red plastics. Go hands free with the CaddyTrek, the electric golf push cart that tracks in front or behind the player. Using a combination of Ultrasound and RF signal technology, the CaddyTrek calculates speed, distance and angle to the player. Golfers simply walk their game as the unit tracks the player’s movement. The CaddyTrek provides two different tracking modes—Follow and Marching. The tracking technology is virtually the same, the only difference being the orientation of the player to the CaddyTrek. Stand in front of the unit and clip the handset to your back waistband and engage Follow Mode OR clip the handset to the front of your waistband and stand behind the unit to use Marching. Use it as a remote control caddy for additional speed and hill climbing ability, switch the CaddyTrek into Remote Mode and send it 100 feet to the next tee box.

Technical Details

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H ‎24.5 x 21 x 16 inches
Package Weight ‎20.96 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎32 x 1.5 x 25 inches
Item Weight ‎8 Pounds
Brand Name ‎CaddyTrek Caddies
Color ‎Black
Manufacturer ‎FTR Caddytrek
Part Number ‎CT2000R2 Black


3 reviews for CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf Cart Bag Caddy

  1. Tyler

    There is a learning curve but once I figured out the remote control, it does what I direct to. Walking with it in front of you is counter intuitive……you have to angle to the right to get it to turn left when using the ultrasound mode to steer. The remote has to be clipped to your back side belt to use the follow mode….the secondary transmitter that plugs into the remote and wraps around to the back is sold out, which would solve the problem.
    Climbs up and down steep hills with ease and locks when stopped so it doesn’t run down the hill in the stop mode. I’m very happy with my unit and have recommended it to several friends.

  2. Benjamin

    This Caddy Trek is nice. I haven’t had a chance to use it on the golf course yet but using it in my yard the RC works great, but the follow mode will not stay engaged. Every time it connects in follow mode it immediately switches back to standby. So until this gets fixed it’s three stars

    Okay I’m updating to five stars, thanks to MaxStrata LLC and Ramos over at Caddy Trek (they both got back to me within an hour of posting my question) we worked out the problem which was really no problem just my stupidity I guess. It turned out I didn’t have the Caddy belt plugged in all the was which caused it to not stay in Follow Mode. Once that was worked out everything was working just fine. I did play a round of golf and the follow mode and the RC worked great, however, the Caddy Trek gets hung up on loose gravel cart paths but on the fairway’s it works great no problems.

  3. George

    I walked my first time with the cart today. It performed excellently in all modes. I purposely did the side hills and sloes and the cart was on track and did not move down the hills. The follow mode was my favorite and the cart stayed behind me and stopped when I did. The caddy trek is fast, reliable and well worth the money I paid for it. Looking forward to the next round.
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