Are your looking to buy Callaway BIG BERTHA B21 DRIVER for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Callaway BIG BERTHA B21 DRIVER.




  • Unlock Your Inner Distance
    If you want to hit the ball farther, you have to hit it straighter. And to help eliminate your slice or big miss, we’ve created our first high launch driver with an ultra-low forward CG for low spin. It’s a new formula for distance to give you a more consistent ball flight, and more tee shots that find the fairway Callaway BIG BERTHA B21 DRIVER.
  • Fast Ball Speeds From Our A.I. Designed Flash Face SS21
    We’ve advanced our A.I. designed Flash Face to promote fast ball speeds across a more expansive area. So you’ll still hit it a long way, even when you miss the center of the face.
  • Easy To Hit From Bertha Shaping And Added Draw Bias
    Built to improve your launch angles, and stop your slice. The large Big Bertha head is specifically engineered with internal draw bias weighting for a straighter, longer ball flight.
  • Super Strength Materials For High, Consistent Ball Speeds
    Promotes optimal speed, forgiveness and spin characteristics from a face architecture that’s extremely strong and lighter than traditional titanium.
  • Jailbreak + T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown For Ball Speed and Unconventional Forgiveness
    Two internal Jailbreak bars connect the sole and crown to promote fast ball speed, and the significantly lighter carbon crown allows us to redistribute weight for higher MOI.

5 reviews for Callaway BIG BERTHA B21 DRIVER

  1. Tyler

    Great club.

    I was playing with an old Green Monster, and while I could get distance, it gave completely inconsistent results on slice/fade. Decided to give the B21 a try and oh wow what a difference. Consistent, straight shots unless I badly miss the center, which it shows you on the club face. I am not a good golfer by any means, but it definitely helped my drives.

  2. Benjamin

    Just feels right!

    I’m 6 weeks into golf and I am hooked! This Driver is the pinnacle of my game. Hitting about 250 yards and in the middle of the fairway right out of the box. I strongly advise purchasing. Plus it’s weighs nothing so swing fast and accurate!

  3. George

    Excellent golf club

    Easy to adjust

  4. Andrew

    Not what I expected. Difficult to hit a shot that didn’t fade/slice.

    B21 was touted as a club that helped prevent fade/slice. Heck I could hit any of my previous drivers with better results. Another point is very little feedback after striking the ball. Felt like I was hitting it with a marsh mellow!!!

  5. Daniel

    I like this club

    Tried it out today feels great

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