Callaway Epic MAX Star Iron Set – 8 Piece – Graphite



Are your looking to buy Callaway Epic MAX Star Iron Set – 8 Piece – Graphite for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Callaway Epic MAX Star Iron Set – 8 Piece – Graphite.


Callaway Epic MAX Star Iron Set – 8 Piece – Graphite

We’ve made an epic leap forward in the ultra-premium, ultra-lightweight performance category. Our new Epic MAX Star family is designed using the highest quality, ultra-lightweight components to create more speed and distance. Each of these new clubs is precision constructed so that they are easy to swing, create more speed, and help you hit the quality golf shots that you want to see.

These ultra-lightweight components are combined with the most advanced ball speed, launch, and forgiveness technologies that Callaway makes across their equipment line. You won’t find anything else like this in the industry. If you want to experience the zenith of ultra-lightweight golf club design, you’ve found it in Epic MAX Star.


Forged Hollow Body Construction

Epic MAX Star Irons feature an innovative forged 1025 hollow body construction. This allows Callaway to precisely locate the CG in each iron while delivering incredible forged feel throughout the set.

Easy Launch Characteristics and Increased Forgiveness

Our engineers have implemented split tungsten weighting into the Epic MAX Star Irons. This promotes easier launch characteristics while simultaneously improving forgiveness.

Enhanced Ball Speed from A.I. Designed Flash Face Cups

The unique Flash Face architecture in each iron creates high COR’s for fast ball speeds, and improved spin robustness for every club. This set is engineered for the distance you want to see, and better control in an ultra-lightweight, game-improvement offering.

Stunning Design & Meticulous Craftmanship

Epic MAX Star Irons take craftsmanship to the next level. Every surface is designed with precision and finished with a striking Black Plasma PVD that inspires confidence, reduces glare, and helps properly frame the club behind the ball.

Premium Ultra-lightweight Components

An ultra-premium ATTAS Speed Shaft, combined with a Winn Dri-Tac Lite Grip that saves additional weight.


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7 reviews for Callaway Epic MAX Star Iron Set – 8 Piece – Graphite

  1. Matthew

    Could not believe it.

    It‘s is winter here, so the only option is the driving range. I was playing Mavrk max irons with great success. Because I wanted to try something new bought the Epic Max Star; easier to hit (if you can believe it), and gained 8 to 10 yards of distance. Looking forward to taking them out on the golf course. I will keep going to the driving range and enjoying watching the ball flight. Hope this helps someone.

  2. David

    I am very interested. Have played with the first Star clubs made. They were cast and very hot. As for cost, just skip Whistling Straits this year. The weaker lofts is intriguing. ” Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play” A quote from Mike Singletary. I am hoping these new clubs will make the game more enjoyable.

  3. Sebastian

    Many new sets are 6-P. I argued with the fitter. I went online and added this FIVE. I’m thrilled I did. Better than a hybrid. This is divine.

  4. Jackson

    I live in a Simi remote area where our local golf courses don’t carry many products from all brands and I just picked up golfing in the past 6 months. Originally purchased the Apex Pro 4-AW set, love the looks and quality of it but just wasn’t 100% satisfied. Exchanged them for the Epic Max Star and was blown away by how much more distance I was getting with less effort. Let’s just say you get what you pay for and yes they are a little pricey but, my wife even loved them so much she took them from me. Anyways, I highly recommend them if money isn’t an issue.

  5. Tyler

    Epic MAX Star Irons

    Epic MAX Star Irons are designed to deliver maximum distance and easy launch through an optimal combination of speed, spin, ball flight and ultra-lightweight components.

  6. Benjamin

    Great clubs
    I purchased these about three weeks ago and they have longer shafts than standard and they make each iron about 4 degrees stronger than standard. However, Callaway has done an excellent job in balancing them and even though stronger lofted, my seven iron goes 175 yards. I’m 65 and it’s been a long time since I seen distance like this. And they are easy to hit and has a nice feel to them. The only reason. I gave them 4 stars is because of price. They are trying to see if they can do what pxg has done cost wise.

  7. George

    horrible clubs

    haven’t hit 5 good shots with these clubs, need to check but they seen very short

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