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Callaway is a proven leader in developing category-defining distance technologies, with innovations that are specifically designed to help you hit the ball farther. And we’ve set a performance milestone in the Super Hybrid to create something entirely new: a hybrid that can deliver the power of a fairway wood.

To get fairway wood-likedistance, our world-class R&D team took a completely different approach, and it starts with the titanium construction. The High-Strength Titanium Face insert promotes fast, all- out ball speed and optimized spin and flight, the key components that lead to long distance. Combined with our industry-leading Jailbreak Technology, the two internal bars stiffen the stronger all-titanium body, placing more impact load on the Face Insert for incredibleball speeds.

It’s a total distance machine, and with the stronger titanium construction we can precisely position the CG to create a hybrid with a consistent, penetrating launch. Using titanium throughout the body allows us to place a substantially higher volume of tungsten into the heel and toe for increased MOI and optimized ball flight. If you want the distance of a fairway wood from a hybrid, then you need to put this in your bag.

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  • Incredible Ball Speed and Optimized Ball Flight From Titanium Construction – The high-strength Titanium Face Insert creates fast ball speeds across the face while promoting optimized spin and ball flight designed to maximize distance. And the two internal Jailbreak Bars stiffen the stronger all-titanium body, placing more impact load on the Face Insert for amazingly fast ball speed. Together, these technologies are engineered for a hybrid that delivers the performance of a fairway wood.
  • Consistent Launch From An All-Titanium Body With Low CG – The all-titanium body allows us to strengthen construction while redistributing weight for a precisely placed Center of Gravity with consisten, penetrating launch.
  • Enhanced Launch and Trajectory Control From Metal Injection Molded Tungsten Weighting – We have precisely placed a substantially higher volume of our Metal Injection Molded(MIM’ed) tungsten weight to optimize CG for launch and control.
  • Controlled Launch And Forgiveness From A T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown – New, lighter triaxial carbon fabric has a tighter weave; the weight it saves versus a steel crown is redistributed within the head to lower the CG for a controlled launch, and to raise MOI for consistent distance on off-center hits.
  • Optimized Adjustability and Control – New, lighter OptiFit 3 Hosel makes it even easier to dial in your launch and optimal ball flight.



5 reviews for Callaway Super Hybrid

  1. Harold

    Long And Easy To Hit.

    I am a 15 hdcp and think that is important to include when writing a review. I just finished a member/guest event 3 full days of golf and had a chance to hit my new Super Hybrid 3 (17degree ). It is a great addition to my bag. It replaced an XR 4 wood( which is an awesome club as well ). I totally recommend the Super Hybrid for a club off the tee and certainly on par 5’s. You can even swing this club slow and easy and it goes 175. Full swing for me with the regular shaft, 225 off the deck 235 off the tee.

  2. Gabriel

    Super Hybrid 17 Degree

    I am a 6-8 handicap and was fit for my first new set of irons in 30 years, while I was there I needed somthing to fill in a gap I have from basically 200-230. Tried a few fairway woods and hybrids and then this club… it was in instant hit from what the system was telling me. Then found out there is quite a wait on them new… so I started looking around and picked up a used one the next day… I have played 3 rounds and only maybe 10 shots with it, but it is amazing. Very easy to hit , great distance and control. Every shot has me shocked at how effortless it is to hit clean.

  3. Samuel

    Better Condition Than Expected And Fast Delivery!

    This club came in a bit better condition than expected at a good price and was shipped quickly. An added benefit was that it came with a midsized grip so I didn’t need to regrip it! Perhaps best of all I hit it long and straight. I decided not to add a three wood because of the extra height and overall distance of this club!

  4. Edward

    Super Hybrid 17

    Other review same title sounds
    like someone in the sales department

  5. Thomas

    It Is Not As Good As The 2018 Big Bertha Hybrid

    After using the Super Hybrid for two months, it produces the same distance as my 2018 Big Bertha hybrid. It is heavier and creates dead sound at impact. The newer technology doesn’t worth the extra money at all.

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If you need a longer long game option but don’t get along with fairway woods, the Callaway Epic Super Hybrid needs to be on your must-try list. This club is incredibly fast and easy to hit. When you add in the array of available lofts and adjustability, it’s an option that can work in nearly any set up.

Callaway gave all the Epic Super Hybrids an eight-position adjustable hosel mechanism that allows players and club fitters to increase or decrease the loft, making it easier to create a club that hits to a specific distance.

What is a Super Hybrid? Simply put, it’s a cross between a fairway metal and a hybrid. The New Super Hybrid boasts: A shorter shaft than a 3 or 5 or even 7 wood (41.5 inches in the 17-degree model), but slightly longer than any traditional hybrid.

The less grass between your ball and club, the better. 3 wood vs. 3 hybrid doesn’t always matter. Hitting the ball off the toe or heel will create a ton of spin, but you’ll still get more distance than you would with a long iron.

Letting the ball creep too far forward in your stance makes it difficult to hit down on the ball. Place the toe of the hybrid against your left heel, with the clubface pointing toward your body, and set the ball opposite the hosel. This is the perfect ball position for a hybrid.