Cleveland Launcher XL 5-DW Mens Right Hand Irons



Are your looking to buy Cleveland Launcher XL 5-DW Mens Right Hand Irons for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Cleveland Launcher XL 5-DW Mens Right Hand Irons.


4 reviews for Cleveland Launcher XL 5-DW Mens Right Hand Irons

  1. Jordan

    Easy to hit – long blade length
    I bought a 4-PW graphite set regular flex. The clubs are very easy to hit. I get decent distance on bad shots.
    The wide V sole bottom definitely helps on fat shots. A few months ago, I bought the UHX 4 & 5 irons and those were excellent. The XL’s have a slightly longer blade length, but the UHX have a wider sole. Not sure which is easier to hit, but the distances are similar. Sorry, my swing sucks, so telling the differences between the UHX and XL is like splitting hairs.

  2. Nathan

    I bought these a month ago. Good-looking irons and the sound and feel are fantastic. Even though I felt they had good bones there was something out of kilter for me. After I put on my favorite grips which are the jumbo size Golf Pride CP2 78g, I was erratic, to say the least. I had no …

  3. Donald

    Wow. These are seriously good
    I went into a golf shop with my Cobra Amps last weekend and compared the head shapes to all the clubs they had, and surprisingly the Cleveland Launcher XL irons seemed to match. So I decided to finally try to replace the Cobra Amps after a decade of use and repeated unsuccessful tries to replace them. So I bought Cleveland Launcher XL irons with Catalyst 60 stiff shafts. The Cleveland Launcher XL irons are incredible. They legitimately go at least 10 yards further than the Cobra Amps. They also just go straight. Shot an 80 on a really hard track today, primarily because of the irons. And the 5 iron seems to go about as far as my 19 degree hybrid but doesn’t snap hook like that club sometimes does. A straight hitting 195-yard 5 iron was totally unexpected (especially since my Amp 5 iron only goes like 180 max) and is just really a great thing for tight tee shots. I hit a 7 iron almost 170 today; normal length is 155. That’s insane

  4. Joseph

    Easy Easy Easy with Accuracy
    I am a current female tournament gopher so I decided upgrade my irons this year, I had heard a lot about these club but never tested them. They took me by surprise from the first hit due to the soft feel off the face, med- high ball flight and accuracy with the 4 through 7 irons. The shorts irons played like game improvement irons but with a little more spin than normal. The extra-long/over size heads have never been my favorite but these club are so forgiving and the V Soul allows me to have great Turf contact just about anywhere on the course. The distance was not the longest in my fitting but the overall ease to hit these clubs forced me to bag them. EASY EASY EASY with accuracy!!!!!!!! Down 3 strokes in 6 weeks.

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