Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver


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Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver

We took our XL Head Design and combined it with our new Lite-Weight Design for a driver that helps moderate swing speed players amp up swing speeds and get maximum forgiveness. Plus, choose from a Women’s model or a Draw model that minimizes your slice Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver.

Face Material: Titanium (8Al-1Mo-1V)
Body Material: Titanium (6-4)


  • LITE-WEIGHT DESIGN – A bonded hosel without the weight-adding adjustability sleeve, together with an ultra-lightweight shaft, makes this driver 12g lighter and 0.25” longer than the adjustable version, so it swings extra quick. That added speed means more distance off the tee.
  • XL HEAD DESIGN – This is huge: a bigger head means an MOI of 5,100 g-cm2. Add that forgiveness to a high launch from low-and-deep weighting, and you’ll enjoy maximum distance with maximum fun.
  • REBOUND FRAME – What’s better than one flex zone? Two (duh). Alternating zones of flexibility and rigidity direct more energy into the golf ball for increased ball speed and distance on every shot.
  • ACTION MASS CB – An 8g weight placed inside the end of the grip delivers better balance for more control without extra effort.
  • ACCURACY BUILD – If precision is your top priority, this custom configuration is an inch shorter without counterbalancing for max control off the tee.

Club #


Head Size



Swing Weight

Driver 10.5º 460cc 60º 46.0″ D1
Driver 12.0º 460cc 60º 46.0″ D1


6 reviews for Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver

  1. Harold

    Amazing Driver

    Cleveland knocked it out of the park with this. Shocked how great this is. I picked up 20+ yards with this and still in the fairway. Absolute sleeper of a rocket launching driver.

  2. Gabriel


    I was very pleasantly surprised at the performance of this driver. I hit the ball farther and straighter then any other driver I own. Purchase this with the senior flex shaft. My golfing companions were so shocked at how far I hit the ball and so straight. They had to test my driver also. They also commented how the good quality of the driver. I usually hit a slice with my driver but not with this one.

  3. Samuel

    Great Product

    Super lght, well made and can help you to gain 15 to 20 yards!

  4. Edward

    Cured my slice instantly

    right out of the wrapper i got instant results. Normally out of a bucket of balls 70% of my shots are going right 30-50 yards. Not 1 ball on my first bucket was more than 25 yards to the right and the majority were straight as an arrow. Im very impressed and would highly recommend this driver to fellow slicers


    Very lightweight – no improvement for game

    This club is very light weight and has an A shaft. It is a bit longer than my TS1 R with 40 shaft weight. I am finding it a bit difficult to swing well – doesnt make sense, I know. When hit well, no perceptible added distance vs the TS1. My swing speed is barely 75 mph (also doesn’t make sense – but can’t fix.). It’s not the clubs…


    very happy so far

    very lite,has increased my distance

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