Fiberbuilt 4′ x 8′ Putting Green



Are your looking to buy Fiberbuilt 4′ x 8′ Putting Green for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Fiberbuilt 4′ x 8′ Putting Green.


Fiberbuilt 4′ x 8′ Putting Green

The Fiberbuilt 4′ x 8′ Putting Green is a synthetic turf putting surface designed to mimic the look and feel of a real golf green. It is a popular choice for golf enthusiasts who want to practice their putting skills at home or in an indoor setting.

Here are some key features of the Fiberbuilt 4′ x 8′ Putting Green:

  1. Size: The putting green measures 4 feet in width and 8 feet in length, providing a spacious area for putting practice.
  2. Synthetic Turf: The surface of the putting green is made from high-quality synthetic turf, which closely resembles the texture and appearance of natural grass.
  3. True-Roll Technology: The Fiberbuilt putting green is engineered with True-Roll technology, which means the ball rolls smoothly and accurately, giving you a realistic putting experience.
  4. Durability: The Fiberbuilt putting green is designed to be durable and long-lasting. It can withstand frequent use and is resistant to fading, weather conditions, and wear and tear.
  5. Portability: The 4′ x 8′ size of the putting green makes it relatively portable. You can easily move it to different locations, whether indoors or outdoors, to suit your practice needs.
  6. Easy Installation: The putting green is typically straightforward to install. It may come with a pre-cut shape that fits the designated size, and it often includes instructions for assembly.

Overall, the Fiberbuilt 4′ x 8′ Putting Green provides a convenient and realistic practice surface for honing your putting skills at home or in a controlled environment. It allows you to work on your game without the need to visit a golf course, making it a popular choice for golf enthusiasts.


Fiberbuilt 4′ x 8′ Putting Green FOR SALEFiberbuilt’s 4′ x 8′ indoor putting green brings you a premium putting surface with true roll and a soft feel underfoot. The soft feel underfoot allows for realistic feel and true green conditions for accurate practice.

The putting green runs a 9 on the Stimpmeter, and can also be used to practice your chipping. You’ll be surprised to see that the turf delivers realistic check and roll while chipping, mimicking typical response one can experience on the golf course.

The Fiberbuilt putting green installs evenly and quickly, with no tools required. Just unbox and let the big moss long putting green chipping mat.

Fiberbuilt 4′ x 8′ Indoor Putting Green Includes:
  • Putting Turf with Two Hole Cutouts
  • Modular Rubber Foundation with Easy-Lock Fasteners
  • 2 Metal Cups
  • Putting Green Assembly Instructions

Fiberbuilt 4′ x 8′ Indoor Putting Green Features:

  • Realistic Feel Underfoot
  • Lightweight
  • Water Resistant
  • Easy to Assemble
  • SIGPRO 3D Hitting Strip
  • Durable
  • Putting Turf Runs at Approximately 9 on the Stimpmeter
  • Receives Chips & Short Pitches with a Realistic Check & Roll

Putting Green – 4’x8′

The ultimate short game practice system is now available to improve your game and your home. Fiberbuilt’s 4’ x 8’ Putting Green brings you a premium putting surface with true roll and a soft feel underfoot. Practice on this versatile, compact backyard or indoor putting green to enhance your short game.

  • 4’ wide x 8’ long putting green
  • Realistic feel underfoot and true green conditions for accurate practice
  • 2 metal cups for a visual targets and authentic sound
  • Turf delivers realistic check and roll on chips
  • Runs at stimpmeter speed of 9
  • Installs evenly and quickly with no landscaping skills or tools required
  • Includes: Putting turf with 2 hole cutouts, 2 metal cups, and our exclusive tool-free modular rubber foundation with easy-lock fasteners

7 reviews for Fiberbuilt 4′ x 8′ Putting Green

  1. Noah

    Excellent tee. These are great tees as they give you the ability to adjust upnor doen, depending on how you wish to shape the shot. I purchased the two pack and so far have had zero issues. These are very durable too.

  2. Oliver

    This hitting mat is awesome! So soft to stand on and provides lots of protection through the hitting area. You can just tell that it is true quality when you first stand on it. Very sturdy and easy to put together. You get what you pay for…

  3. James

    Wonderful golf mat. I have had it for just a few weeks, but it’s everything you would want in a golf mat. Easy to assemble. Sturdy with no slippage on a carpeted floor. Solid stance thru out the golf swing. Turf like feel when you hit the ball off the mat. No jarring or twisting on impact. Perfect!

  4. William

    The free standing adjustable golf tee used with my new SkyTrak PerfectBay™ Golf Simulator and the Fiberbuilt 10’x12′ Center-Hitting Combo Golf Mat has allowed me be able to hit my driver even with my limited space in the room by moving a little closer to the screen. I love the entire system.

  5. Henry

    What a great experience with Top Shelf golf. I had been considering a golf bay for some time, and finally pulled the trigger. Everything came on time and in perfect condition. Setup was very easy and all instructions were provided.

    I highly recommend this company for your golf bay/hitting station needs. Love it!!!!!

  6. Elijah

    Great fun and quality

    This product arrived in perfect shape and is a quality product

  7. Liam

    Awesome !

    This has to be the most awesome putting mat I have putted on so far !!

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