Foresight Sports GC3 Training Golf Simulator Package



Are your looking to  for your gForesight Sports GC3 Training Golf Simulator Package, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Foresight Sports GC3 Training Golf Simulator Package.


Foresight Sports GC3 Training Golf Simulator Package

The Foresight Sports GC3 Training Golf Simulator Package is a high-quality golf simulator package offered by Foresight Sports, a leading provider of golf simulation and training technology. However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Foresight Sports did not offer a specific package called the GC3 Training Golf Simulator Package. It’s possible that the package you are referring to was introduced after my knowledge cutoff date, or it may be a customized package offered by a specific retailer or distributor.

Foresight Sports is known for its advanced golf simulation technology and offers various golf simulator options, including the GCQuad and GC2 launch monitors. These launch monitors use high-speed cameras and advanced algorithms to provide accurate and detailed data about ball flight, club head speed, launch angle, spin rate, and other important parameters.

In addition to the launch monitors, Foresight Sports also offers software applications and simulation packages that provide realistic golf course environments, practice modes, and training tools. These packages are designed to help golfers improve their skills, analyze their swings, and enjoy a realistic golfing experience indoors.

To get the most up-to-date information about the Foresight Sports GC3 Training Golf Simulator Package or other offerings from Foresight Sports, I recommend visiting their official website or contacting them directly for detailed information and pricing.

GC3 Training Package

Golf Simulator Black Friday

GC3 Launch Monitor


Shop Indoor Golf’s Training Package is perfect for golfers on a budget looking to improve any aspect of their game.

The newest launch monitor from delivers accuracy with three precision cameras to read club and ball data, a touch screen display to help you track your shots, and it’s easily portable, making your transition from the range to the course that much smoother.

Also available in our higher end SIG8, SIG10, and SIG12 packages.

*Disclaimer* The GC3 is only available to U.S. Customers. All products will be shipped and sold only to U.S. credit card bearers and U.S. addresses.

Here’s What Your Setup Will Look Like

Foresight Sports GC3 Training package with SIGPRO Softy 4' x 10'


What’s Included with the GC3 Training Package

Foresight GC3 Launch Monitor
*New* FSX Play Software
FSX Software License (11 Courses Included)
FSX Pro Perfomance Software
Foresight Sports Performance App Alignment Stick Club Markers
1- Year Warranty
Power Adapter + Cable
USB-C Cable

SIGPRO Golf Net & Frame

Side Barriers

SIGPRO  6′ x 10′ Turf

Choice of Golf Mat

Here’s What You’re Getting

GC3 Launch Monitor with data


GC3 Launch Monitor

The photometric technology of the GC3 accurately captures and records club and ball data. The portability of this launch monitor makes it easy for you to transition from the range, to the course or your own home setup.

Ball Data: 

  • Launch Angle
  • Side Angle
  • Ball Speed
  • Total Spin
  • Carry
  • Side Spin/ Spin Axis

Club Data:

  • Club Head Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Club Path
  • Angle of Attack

Essentials Plus Bundle

Golf Simulator Black Friday Deals

A full suite of gaming & performance simulation software is included, so you can turn your home into the ultimate golfer’s paradise.

11 hyper realistic courses are Included with your GC3 Bundle.

-La Jolla Pines                      -Blue Bayou Golf and Fishing Club

-Broken Tree Golf Course    -Linfield National Golf Club

-Teton Pines Golf Course     -Willow Crest Golf ClubB

-The Farms Golf Club          -Beaver Hills Country Club

-Tall Pines                           -Butterfly Country Club (Red/Blue)

-Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club

GC3 Launch monitor


FSX 2020

FSX 2020 features exclusive courses, skill training on the range, and competitions against players all over the world. All in stunning 4k resolution. FSX 2020 paired with the GC3 brings your golf simulation to the next level.

*NEW* FSX Play Software

The New FSX Play Software builds off FSX 2020, ushering in a new indoor golf experience. Utilizing the Unity graphics engine, FSX Play features hyper-realistic gameplay, rich textures, 3D grass and foliage, enhanced lighting, updated UI and more.

Add 10 More Courses with the Player Plus Software Add-On (+$1500)

Add iconic courses like Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill, and courses seen at St. Andrews Links to your collection of simulated courses!

fsx 2020 golf simulation software



SIGPRO Golf Net, Side Barriers

The SIGPRO Golf Net is engineered for easy assembly in minutes with a snap-button frame system that expands to a height of 7 feet, a width of 8 1/2 feet, and with the two-side barrier protective nets, a depth of 9 feet.

The reinforced net attaches as a sleeve over the frame, and golfers will quickly notice and appreciate how quietly and softly the net catches real golf balls allowing them to swing away with full confidence, as if they’re at a driving range.


  • Indoor/Outdoor Net
  • 1 Year Warranty on Net & Frame
  • Dimensions: 8’6″ (L) X 9′ (D) x 7′ (H)
  • Easy to assemble frame

Foresight Sports GC3 Training Golf Simulator Package with SIGRPO Softy 4' x 7'



Also included with the SIGPRO Golf Net is the SIGPRO Turf that will fill the space between the net and your hitting mat.

Not only is the SIGPRO Turf aesthetically pleasing, it will also protect your floor from golf ball strikes.

SIGPRO Turf Dimensions

  • Length:10′
  • Width: 6′
  • Height: 3/4″

Training Landing Pad



Foresight Sports GC3 Training Golf Simulator Package


5 reviews for Foresight Sports GC3 Training Golf Simulator Package

  1. Owen

    Tons of fun! Great swing practice and great for family fun! Appears accurate unless you take a bit too much turf. High quality graphics and a centerpiece to a boys night!

  2. Alexander

    gc3 is an incredible launch monitor with extremely accurate yardages. I would recommend this entire setup for any golfer looking to practice more and improve your game dramatically. This video includes – gc3, fiberbuilt 4×6 tee box, and perfectbay simulator bay 10.5 by 8.

  3. Michael

    I purchased the GC3 Foresight through Top Shelf. The bay I purchased directly from Net Return and the Epson 2250 projector came from Best Buy. I already owned the mat as I was hitting into a GoSports net.

    After reviewing the total package price from Top Shelf I determined I was able to save money by purchasing each item separately instead of getting the complete package offered on their website. I spoke with Top Shelf about the cost difference (particularly the net) and their response was quick and polite. Essentially they informed me that the manufacturer forced them to not provide discounts. Personally that harms Top Shelf’s business because the manufacturer did provide a discount to me directly but they apparently don’t pass on the discount through a 3rd party seller. It isn’t fair to Top Shelf honestly.

    As for the GC3 monitor it was bought from Top Shelf. It lasted only 3 days before needing repair. It stopped turning on, and I was required to send it to Foresight as Top Shelf would not exchange the unit. That resulted in a 3 week hiatus which was a bit frustrating after spending a great deal of money. Top Shelf did provide me with Foresights directly line for technical support as I was unable to locate one on Foresight’s website. That turned out to speed up the repair process immensely. Foresight determined that the I/O board was bad, and that seems to be a known issue after discussions with Foresight. They replaced the board with something newer and then returned it with overnighted shipping. Foresight did try their best to speed up the process considering the unit was brand new with hardly any use, including the speedy return shipping.

    As the video shows I have a size issue with our room. I needed a Bay to fit inside the house on our second floor in a fairly small space. Fortunately Net Return made a bay that would fit that space. They were the only manufacturer I could find that produced a bay that was only 8 feet wide and under 9 feet high. The one downside to the design however is the white curtain. The top has a Velcro strip sown all the way across that is utilized to attach the top portion of the net. The end result is a curtain that will not hang flat, but more like a draped curtain with minor folds. You can see them in the video. No amount of ironing, etc. will get them removed as it’s a problem when you sow two different materials together. I was however able to attached some extra Velcro strips between the upper side polls and the curtain that provides extra tension. This helped reduce the size and number of the folds, but did not remove them entirely.

    The Epson projector is located on the right side wall and to the rear. I didn’t require a short throw, so that saved me some $$. It is also plenty bright, plus has very good clarity and contrast. The full setup did take some extensive time to finalize as I need a specific throw ratio, keystone, brightness, and zoom capability to have the screen size work correctly for the space. I went through 2 additional projectors trying to find something that would work. Ultimately the Epson fit the bill perfectly and is below $1000.

    The PC setup is a Dell Precision Workstation with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 12GB video card I also bought off Amazon. It runs incredibly fast as you can tell in the video and for the price it can’t be beat. Like the other items above I researched this heavily. I wanted the simulator to respond quickly with no delay.

    So far I have been testing different balls spin rates and compressions to find the perfect ball for me. My Driver swing speed is around the 107 mph mark. I have since adjusted my driver, 3 wood, and 3 hybrid settings to get more distance and less spin. I have about 10-12 yards more on my driver, 5+ yards on both my 3 wood and 3 hybrid.

    I would buy everything above again using the exact same companies. Getting the entire setup perfect took me about 2 weeks total, and that obviously doesn’t include the three weeks down time without the simulator. If you have a small space then this setup would be perfect. You will need about 11 feet of depth for this projector and the bay, which includes enough space for a full swing of the driver. If you use a short throw you could probably get everything to work within 10ft.

    Hopefully this review helps someone with the same challenges as I had. I was unable to find any real help online. The products are solid, work well, and the companies all responded to inquires fairly quickly. No one acted as if they would rather be doing something else each time we spoke. Everyone was very professional. The only reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is 1) the price issue, 2) the GC3 needing warranty work, 3) the net design could be altered slightly to allow the curtain to hang flat.

  4. Jack

    Love the Foresight GC3, worth every penny. Excellent purchase through TopShelf, quick shipping and great communication. You guys are doing customer service the correct way!

  5. Daniel

    If you plan to buy anything related to a golf simulator and the equipment needed, there is no better place than speaking with Ivan at Top Shelf Golf. His knowledge and customer service is unmatched.

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