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Are your looking to buy Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor.


Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor


Tiger asked for a launch monitor, built to his standards. Innovation led to unparalleled processing power, absolute accuracy, and even more features than he could have imagined.

The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor was built as the next innovation in launch monitor technology. Created with help from Tiger Woods, the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor delivers incredible accuracy and precision across more than 16 different data points that measure your game. Some of the data points include: total & carry distance, spin rate, launch & attack angle, and club & ball speed.

While the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor still displays data on the unit display itself, you can still connect all your iOS devices to get even more access to your swing data. Using on-board Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, easily get connected to the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor.

Whether you are out on the range or in the comfort of your home, the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor can be easily set up in seconds. For full setup, align the on-screen lines with your target line, and you are ready to get to work on your game. The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor was created to easily fit within your golf bag, meaning you can keep it with you at all times for optimal driving range practice .

  • Measures 16 points of club and ball date to provide absolute accuracy
  • 4K camera and 1080P video outfit lets you review, save, and share video of the highest quality
  • Connected app offers serious customization, allowing you to select which data points matter to you and arrange them across your devices
  • Send and share videos via the app through social media or email
  • Review dispersion charts, averages, and trends to track your improvement over time
  • Free app includes:
    Unlimited live session data and video
    Custom data views and audio playback on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
    Data syncing across multiple devices
    Live video session sharing
    Custom bag and club management
  • Premium app includes all of the above plus:
    Unlimited video storage
    Historical session archive
    Historical stats visualization
    Historical club averages
    Historical session analysis
  • Unit requires 10 feet of distance directly behind the golf ball to accurately measure and record shots
  • Includes launch monitor unit, durable carrying case, charging blog, and USB-C charging cable
  • Compatible with iPhone 10 or higher running iOS 14 or higher, iPad 7 or higher running iOS 14 or higher, iPad Air 3 or higher running iOS 14 or higher, iPad Pro running iOS 14 or higher, Apple Watch 3 or higher running watchOS 7 or higher, Apple AirPods or most any Bluetooth headphones. Not Compatible with Andriod Phones at this time.
  • Indoor virtual golf simulator capabilities powered by e6 Connect Software subscription may be purchased separately

The Full Swing KIT is an advanced portable launch monitor that tracks an array of club and ball data parameters through machine-learned Doppler radar and dedicated processors.

Full Swing developed the KIT over the course of many years in collaboration with Tiger Woods himself, who sought a launch monitor that he could take to the range and that he could count on as much as his indoor full swing launch monitor Pro Series simulator.

The Full Swing KIT has been tested, approved and endorsed by Woods, who has used it in public many times. It has a compact design with a protective case that can fit in a golf bag. It also has direct-to-screen output and is the only launch monitor with a customizable OLED full-colour screen.

Other features of the KIT are:
  • separate processors for radar and media
  • an onboard 4K camera with 1080p output for swing capture and analysis
  • data customization and viewing on multiple devices including iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
  • ability for data measurements to be spoken to you through headphones
  • five hours of battery life

A dedicated companion app (iOS only) is available for the KIT which allows you to view your historical shot data, store video, track trends, and manage your clubs and bag.

No leveling calibration or stickers are needed. The KIT is aligned to the target either through the companion app or buttons on the unit itself.

With a recent firmware update, the Full Swing KIT can now also be used indoors as a golf simulator. It is currently compatible with the iOS version of E6 CONNECT, provided through either a one-time purchase or a Basic or Expanded subscription.

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4 reviews for Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor

  1. Liam

    Came defective
    Unit arrived with the radar dead. I reached out to full swing and they told me that nothing could be done because the radar was dead and I had to return the item and buy it again in hopes that the new one will have no issues. I was not able to request a replacement so I had to return the item and complete a separate purchase for the replacement. I will provide on update when I get the new one. Hopefully this one comes without defects.

  2. Oliver

    Full Swing Kit

    I love my Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor. By far one of the coolest golf purchases I have ever made. I really enjoy having a portable professional launch monitor that I personally own and can take to my club at anytime and work on my game. I get all the data and analytics that I want and it’s really easy to use. My first time I used the Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor I went thru my full bag and hit 4-8 balls with each club. It’s very easy to change clubs and targets and the app organizes all data-averages-numbers for you during your practice session. I wanted to confirm or research my exact carry numbers and totals for all my clubs. After my session and during it was easy to analyze I had gapping issues with my long irons (4-5-6) and my tendency was too miss shots left and confirmed with data. I am comfortable with a loft-lie machine and was able to check my lofts and lie the following week and did some work to flatten my lies and tweak my lofts on long irons (4-5-6) and confirmed in my second practice session with Kit that my carry numbers were better for long irons and dispersion and ball flight improved. The third practice session I worked on my short game and really enjoyed getting the exact carry numbers for short pitch shots 50-60-70-80-90-100 yards and always use an AirPod in one ear for good etiquette and not distracting to any other members and have the setting set just to carry. This really helps me dial in my distances as it’s very challenging to practice these distances and knowing it went 55 yards when I was actually trying for 60 yards leaves me 15 feet shorter than my number. Hitting a few in a row with 1-2 yards of my intended carry number gives me a lot of confidence on course. I can’t wait for the weather to turn this year and have more time to work on my game. The other amazing thing is the Full Swing Kit has a built in camera that videos each swing and you can go back through all of your shots and sessions and review and shot you want. I would highly recommend Full Swing Kit to anyone that loves golf and wants to improve!

  3. William

    So easy to use

    Full swing kit is a unbelievable product ! I’ve been a PGA Professional for 10 years. Having experience with track man and foresight I would buy this over those!
    Easy to set up. The camera is so clean and clear. I live this for teaching and club fitting. Highly recommend this product !!!

  4. Rajeswari

    Accurate Professional Unit – Incredible Value

    Having used all of the top launch monitors I was intrigued by the Full Swing Kit. I am impressed. Super accurate and the app is very easy to use.
    This is a professional unit and great for the serious golfer. It’s not a toy. For the price there is nothing like it.

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