Garmin Descent Mk2i, Watch-style Bundle Dive Computer



Are your looking to buy Garmin Descent Mk2i, Watch-style Bundle Dive Computer for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Garmin Descent Mk2i, Watch-style Bundle Dive Computer.


Garmin Descent Mk2i, Watch-style Bundle Dive Computer

About this item

  • Advanced, watch-style dive computer with 1.4” color sunlight-readable display (36% larger than previous model) in an elegant yet rugged design
  • o Battery life: up to 80 hours in dive mode, 16 days in smartwatch mode and 15 hours in GPS mode with music
  • Pair with the Descent T1 transmitter (sold separately) for integrated pressure monitoring on up to 5 tanks via the SubWave sonar data network, and see remaining air time, air consumption rate and more for you and other divers within a range 10 meters
  • Features enhanced wrist-based heart rate estimates and Pulse Ox (this is not a medical device) sensing of blood oxygen saturation to support advanced sleep monitoring and altitude acclimation at high elevations Garmin Descent Mk2i, Watch-style Bundle Dive Computer
  • Includes built-in support for multiple sports apps, advanced training features, contactless payment, music storage with premium streaming service support (subscription may be required), smart notifications for calls, texts and calendar alerts and more
  • Dive log lets you store and review data from up to 200 dives right on your wrist and share and review dives in the Garmin Dive app downloaded to your paired compatible smartphone
  • With six dive modes as well as multi-GNSS support and ABC sensors — including an underwater compass — know every part of your dive from entry to exit (GPS tracking does not work underwater) 

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Track your breath and depth with Descent Mk2i, the watch-sized dive computer. It features SubWave sor technology for integrated tank pressure monitoring on up to 5 tanks when paired with the Descent T1 transmitter (Additiol equipment (sold separately) and device pairing required), making it ideal for instructors or group dives. Descent Mk2i comes with ABC sensors with an underwater 3-axis compass as well as surface GPS capabilities to mark your entry and exit points (GPS tracking does not work underwater). On land, Descent Mk2i doubles as a premium multisport GPS smartwatch with multi-GNSS support, multiple sports apps, indoor chipping net wrist-based heart rate monitoring estimates, Pulse Ox (this is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition) sensor, advanced training features Garmin Descent Mk2i, Watch-style Bundle Dive Computer, Garmin Pay payment service (not all countries and payment networks are eligible), music storage, smart notifications (when paired with a compatible smartphone) for calls, texts and calendar alerts and more.

4 reviews for Garmin Descent Mk2i, Watch-style Bundle Dive Computer

  1. Benjamin

    I bought 2 units for wife and I after seeing a guy rave about one on a January Jamaica diving week…We switched out from Mares Puck Pro units which had 200+ dives and no problems (1 needed battery replacement which I did). the Mares unit is very simple and accurate although we wanted something sexier and with non diving features. The Garmin Descent MK2i is a beast…It takes lots of practice to use it correctly and even figure it out as I have the Manual pdf open lots of times to learn something new or what I messed up…I don’t have much to say about non-diving performance except it is Garmin and what more is needed to day?…We use as fit bits and tracking our sleep, heart rate, etc. Now for diving – We have 23 dives in St. Lucia at depths 15-115′ on single gas with the T1 transmitter on both units (so dual tank readings). We love the feature of seeing your buddy’s air at all times and alleviates need to keep checking, plus buddy watches out for you if you focus on something else. We set these for conservative and always do a 15′ safety stop for 3 minutes before surfacing. Head to head with the Mares unit they were essentially identical; Garmin is more precise in adding decimals for temperature and exact psi compared to the tank valve version, although same. We ran decompression stops on several dives and both units (actually all 4 – 2 Mares + 2 Garmin) and data was the same. We enjoy the Garmin many ways to view dive on changing the screens during the dive. Backscreen illumination is decent although not bright enough in darkness (a small cave in daytime), I’d use my light anyway so no big deal. The transmitter sound is audible although not annoying and I’ll see about tuning it down a bit although I may loose range. A feature I don’t like is the short battery life when diving…Yeah, I know about taking off Wifi, bluetooth, functions etc, but why have to bother just for diving or anything else. I found we ran batteries to 50% after 1-1.5 days and needed to use to primitive alligator clip charger plug. We used both dive computers all week and I am not ready to go to just Garmin. After dive my tank pressure was hard to screen back to after exiting water, Mares much simpler in that one button push gave surface interval vs. garmin that needed several buttons pushed to get to the S.I. screen. At this point we like the “sexy” Garmin as it looks nice and we can change the watch face, changes screens and move stuff around. the sapphire crystal did not scratch and sustained several knocks against the boat and coral with no damage. The weakness in the system is the T1 transmitter that is fragile and cannot be used to lift tank (OK I got that) BUT…after wrench tightening it would loosen up after several dives and susceptible to accidentally touching or jostling it and it got loose. Garmin should give you a flat wrench of correct size for tightening as the standard wrenches dont work on the tank to transmitter distance. This is a best/worst feature with T1 – love safety issue of joint knowledge of tank pressures, dont like fragile/ease to loosen. A feature that I may not have correct now is the wifi and bluetooth communications between watch/dive computer and iPhone/computer…perhaps because we staying NoData/Airplane mode when out of the US as were were in St. Lucia. We will keep the Garmin units and work toward becoming better users…They did a good job trying to work in the dive computer…for just diving get something else (Sherwood)…if you are a workout enthusiast and love to have lots of data/stats to work with..this is your unit. Ill update this review as we get more data – lots of diving coming up..

    ***Update July 10,2021. Now have 58 more dives totaling 81 dives on the Garmin. I have called Garmin to talk about some of the glitches and they are very responsive and assigned 2 guys to work on
    the Descent MK2i…we did one software update which seemed to smooth out some of the issues. Still a problem is the T1 transmitter – both its had low battery warnings on our last diving trip to Grenada – I changed out both batteries easily at home; while on the Grenada trip on second day the T1 had become loose and blew an “O” ring on turning on the tank valve – i brought tools so fixed O ring problem with cleaning and silicone and tighten with a flat wrench – problem solved although underwater would have been an issue. Problem with reporting sum total of both tank pressures from wife and my tanks on our computers, although in the downloads it is sorted out – I need to call Garmin about this. On prior trip to Jamaica I accidentally put it in “Gauge mode” and it locks out for 24 hours and since less than that between succive days’ dives unit was stuck on GAUGE mode for a week! That was a problem. In Grenada we did a number of >100′ dives and ran into compression stops mandatory. The computer will get you to do a mandatory stop at say 10′ for 1 minute and after that is done it aaltomatically says you can essentially surface…that bypassed the PADI (and resort)mandatory 3 minute stop at 15′ no matter what you do…SO – we had to do a countdown on the timer (actually used the Mares safety stop countdown – we carry both now). Still love these although not yet ready to ditch my backup computer (sort of feels good to have it). More to come…

  2. George

    Have only owned for about a week. Fantastic, featured rich dive and sports watch with a sub par heart rate monitor which is outshined by a $99 fitbit.

    If you are getting this and not interested in the heart rate / PulseOx monitoring, you’ll absolutely love it. Have used it on 3 dives, and also during two rounds of golf (as Garmin Golf built in). Does fantastic with those two activities. However if you want that all in one device that can also accurately track your HR, this is not that device.

    During normal activities sitting, walking…the MK2I averages 10 beats slower than a Fitbit Charge 3 and 4, as well as my Polar H10 chest strap. On heavy workouts / runs the difference becomes significant, usually the MK2I will start to experience HR detection issue as soon as I start to sweat a bit, at around 138, HR rate on the watch drops to around 116, while all my other devices are tracking as accurately as the chest strap.

  3. Andrew

    I upgraded to this Garmin from a Fenix 5 because I am getting back into diving and I wanted one watch that did it all. And boy does it! Even if you are just using it as a dive watch, it is perfect! It’s small enough to wear all the time, but big enough to easily see all your dive info underwater. The air integration is seamless and being able to track your buddies air level and consumption rate is so amazing!

    In addition to diving, you also have Garmin’s full featured tracking of tons of other activities from running to biking to golf, all in one great looking watch!

    It’s not too heavy, and while it does also do sleep tracking, I find it a bit bulky to wear to bed, but it does work. And the battery life is out of this world! I use it for GPS tracking my runs about 5 days a week, diving with air integration some weekends and I only have to charge it about once a week.

  4. Daniel

    This thing is absolutely amazing! Enormous battery life and collects data for days. The features aren’t super intuitive but after a few hours of messing around with it you are able to really zero in on how you want your watch to operate for you. It has a very large face which may look strange but it wears very well and is nice for ease of data viewed. I’m a very sensitive sleeper and I don’t even notice it’s on while sleeping. So far I’m blown away.

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