Heater Sports Deuce 95 MPH Curveball Machine with Auto Ballfeeder


Are your looking to buy Heater Sports Deuce 95 MPH Curveball Machine for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Heater Sports Deuce 95 MPH Curveball Machine.


Heater Sports Deuce 95 MPH Curveball Machine with Auto Ballfeeder

TWO WHEEL FASTBALL & CURVEBALL PITCHING MACHINE – Pitches Pitching Machine Baseballs & Real Leather Balls From 15-95 MPH

  • 12 BALL AUTO BALL FEEDER INCLUDED – One Ball Is Pitched to the Batter Every 8 Seconds Or Simply Remove Feeder For Manual Feeding
  • THROWS FASTBALLS, CURVEBALLS, POP FLIES, AND GROUNDERS – Simply Pivot the Machine Head to Throw an Unlimited Amount Of Pitches At Different Locations
  • COVERED AND PROTECTED HOUSING – Other High End Machines Have Open, Exposed Wheels But The Deuce Is Fully Enclosed for Maximum Safety
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Heater Sports Deuce 95 MPH Curveball Machine With Auto Ballfeeder

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7 reviews for Heater Sports Deuce 95 MPH Curveball Machine with Auto Ballfeeder

  1. Edward

    Great machine at a low price

    Great machine at a low price!

  2. Harold

    A Good Machine For The Cost

    I purchased this machine and feeder for my son for christmas. We’ve used it some over the winter and have had good luck. We use the yellow pitching machine balls with no issue. It seems to throw fast enough for High School practice. I would buy this again.

  3. Daniel

    Not a good pitching machine

    I bought this product hoping to get a game like pitching feel but it didn’t do that. It doesn’t throw strikes and when you follow the curveball setting, it doesn’t throw a curveball. When I set it to straight fastball, it didn’t go straight but instead, the pitch dropped. We put 24 pitches into it and it threw 5 strikes out of those 24 balls. The rest of the non strike pitches, were EXTREMELY wild pitches.

  4. Andrew


    Purchased this for just under $1k as a birthday present to our teenage son who is prepping for college baseball. We had experience with this same company 7-8 years ago purchasing a much smaller entry level machine when he was 10 years old. When that old one arrived, the motor burned out in a few weeks and the company honored with a full replacement.

    This more expensive, higher performance machine with 90 mph speeds arrived and immediately had problems. We were told by Cole (the owner) that it was our fault for not using the companies proprietary baseballs. So we ditched out more money, bought Heater balls and guess what? The machine started having more problems again after three more uses. This time, the Heater balls we were told to purchase were being pitched out of the machine and thrown/curved immediately down to the ground. the machine was broken after less than 6 uses over 60 days.

    So yet again, called the company and spoke with Cole (the owner). He wanted us to set the machine up and send video. I refused to do. My time is too valuable to prove the machine doesn’t work. I asked to immediately return it. Thats when we were informed we had to pay for our own shipping costs (this is a 100lb machine) and he referenced their warranty. The shipping costs would be 20-30% of the entire costs.

    This was the second pitching machine purchased from Heater. Both products failed at first. The second one was a more costly failure for our family. Plan on paying another 20-30% more for returning it when the product fails.

    HIGHLY recommend thinking twice about purchasing pitching machines from Heater. Also recommend staying away from Cole – shocked that an owner of a company can make my son and I feel like idiots both times. Customers are not valued unfortunately. We will post a video for your entertainment over the next few days.

    I hope this helps others avoid an incredibly costly mistake. Jeff D.

  5. George

    Great machine

    I would have left 4 stars but the price and the great customer service made this machine 5 stars for me. I am a handy man and had to figure out how to use this thing correctly. I received the unit with damage caused in shipping. The company replaced the part and got it to me right away. I put the nuts and bolts backward on the feeder so balls were getting stuck. Every once in a while the ball will get stuck at the rotating part of the feeder arm, you can just push it with your finger. Some times the ball will get stuck in front of the wheels inside the machine. I slightly bent a short piece of metal rod to fit down in the machine to push the jammed balls thru, works great. The biggest breakthrough I had was when I realized that the machine just doesn’t like certain balls. I threw out the balls that were consistently jamming, Now there are almost no jams. I bought the Wilson Bucket of Baseballs (3 dozen) and they work great,but I still had a couple that didn’t like the machine. There are better machines but for the money this is a great machine.

  6. Gabriel

    Does not work well pitching real balls, Works great with yellow balls. Highly recommend.

    Heavy duty machine. Planned on using it with real baseballs but it is too sporadic. Bought the yellow balls and works great for hitting. I still use the real balls for pop flys. Does some major league fly balls. Has more speed then you will ever use. I use it with two high schoolers and use about 3/4 speed tops. No chance on full speed.

  7. Benjamin

    Decent Machine – Some Plus and Minus Features

    Bought this last spring. For the money it’s decent if you want to spend less and have a new machine but don’t look to get much resale out of it. If you can find a used jugs machine for a lesser price I think you’ll get your money back later, with this you won’t. I found a jugs machine but have kept this one as well because of the ball feeder and the enclosed wheels.
    -One of the best features of this machine is the enclosed wheels. I think this is much safer for everybody especially if there are kids in the area. Big plus on this.
    – included ball feeder, which has worked
    -Throws hard and consistent.
    – lighter and probably easier to put in a car than a jugs machines or equivalent.
    -Angle adjustable for side arm and 3/4 curves.
    – It will work with pitching machine balls, tennis balls, or any baseball type sized balls.
    – Customer svc was good

    Not so good:
    – Does not drop to throw pop ups. You can use a shorter leg in the back to do fly balls, but can’t throw infield or catcher pops.
    -Small pneumatic wheels are enclosed, hard to access, and should be checked often. Probably easy enough to switch the screws out for an easier removal but should come that way.
    – It won’t work with softballs.
    -Mine came in a box labelled Duece 85, with an insert saying it was tested to be a Duece 95 and they had yet to update the box.
    – Cheap hardware, bad instructions, and tedious assembly
    – welds were bad, one of my brackets broke, missing some washers (see customer svc above – addressed without issue)

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Check with manufacturer

Supports 120v. Yes you can use professional baseball’s. I have it set at 55 feet from home plate

Yes it can be used for fly balls.

It’s a great machine!!!
For a low cost