MGI Golf Zip X3 Electric Cart


Are your looking to buy MGI Golf Zip X3 Electric Cart Set for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own MGI Golf Zip X3 Electric Cart.


MGI Golf Zip X3 Electric Cart

Packed full of desirable features, the MGI Zip X3 will turn heads with its stylish look and modernistic design whilst being effortless in its operation. For effortless play, the MGI Zip X3 is built on a platform of signature MGI features like a Controlled Distance Function, a swivelling & lockable front wheel and all terrain tread wheels. To help improve your game and feel in control, the advanced digital electronics will provide valuable statistics, like distances walked and longest drive. ernest sports es14 launch monitor MGI Zip Series buggies are ideally suited to fit cart bags. Not all stand/carry bags are compatible.

Signature Features:

Advanced digital electronics

  • Controlled Distance Function enables you to select the desired distance and the buggy will stop on demand
    3 year warranty
  • Resettable odometers for tracking distances walked, longest drive and total use
    Swivelling & lockable front wheel
  • All terrain tread rear wheels
  • Fully foldable rear 4th wheel for added stability
Performance Features:
  • Newly engineered Zip fold, three wheel design
  • 12% lighter and 25% smaller for absolute space saving
  • Advanced Click & Go Lithium battery system
  • 24v electronic system for efficiency
  • Ergonomic T bar handle
  • Quick release rear wheels, with All Terrain tread
  • Open dimensions: 80cm x 59cm x 104cm
  • Folded dimensions (inverted rear wheels): 70cm x 47cm x 42cm
  • Weight (no battery): 11.25kg
  • Weight (with battery): 13.37kg

5 reviews for MGI Golf Zip X3 Electric Cart

  1. Tyler

    I purchased my Zip 3…
    I purchased my Zip 3 cart in February 2021. Since then I have walked with it 2-3 times per week. It has worked flawlessly at my home course in South Carolina which is very hilly. The cart has no problem with the terrain. In fact, in gear 3 or 4 it practically pulls me up the hill. Once a month I grease the two wheel axles using Vaseline petroleum jelly which helps keep my Zip 3 very quiet compared to several of my friend’s other-brand powered carts. I love having all my clubs with me all the time during a round, especially when it is cart path only after one of our major southeastern storms. The battery continues to work great. Even after 18 holes I still have more than 50% charge. I have played 36 holes several time on just one charge. So, I am very pleased with my Zip 3

  2. Rajeswari

    I bought my Zip Navigator…
    I bought my Zip Navigator January 3 2021. Could not wait for a break in our New York winter. This came the second week of January, and I was out to play 9 holes. Now this was such an adventure not knowing the oncourse behavior of this cart. After the first 2 holes I got the hang of it. This was pure joy, never had such a great time on a golf course walking playing and chatting with my wife and brother-in law. I have not rode a motorized cart in a year. Playing 18 holes twice per week and sometimes three walking the course and a low carb diet, I have shed almost 100 lbs. My Zip Navigator is God sent, I’m enjoying playing golf more than I ever did. The cart is smart and responsive to all commands, the fourth wheel at the back allows me to climb all level of hills without turning over. Don’t have to touch it or push, only stop for a shot, the forward to the next. This is one excellent fully remote controlled Caddie, go out and get one, like me you will have a joyful experience. Go get it, will be money well spent.

  3. David

    Real Energy Saver

    I have played 5 rounds with my Zip Navigator and am extremely impressed and happy. I have deliberately pushed it to its limits and now know how “far” I can go. Battery life on a full charge was 48+ holes. It was easy to quickly switch the wheels into free roll mode to finish the round. This bad boy is heavy and pushing it on the cart path was relatively easy but on the fairway and rough it was a real strain. I will now fully charge the battery every 2 rounds. The cart was easy to set up out of the box. It took about 15 minutes to unbox and the only assembly required was to attach the wheels. After about an hour of charge time I had it out in the back yard with the dogs chasing it around while I trained myself in all of its functions. Inclines on the course are managed quite well. Steep slopes greater than about 45 degrees should be avoided, especially on wet grass, unless you have a hand on the handle. I had no issues on slopes shallower than 45. Just remember to install and extend the 5th wheel to help prevent tipping incidents. Using the remote is a piece of cake and is akin to a gaming controller directional button. The responsiveness of the unit while on the grass is a little bit “sluggish” for turning but the speed control is excellent and it stops within a foot of when the stop button is pressed regardless of speed. The speed setting on the cart could use tweaking. 4 is too slow and 5 is too fast. I normally run mine on 5 and just slow it down when it gets about 50-70 yards in front of me. MGI should “develop” a small carrier “basket” that can hang below the handle where a glove, snacks, etc. can be placed. The scorecard holder is effectively useless because the clubs extend above it and essentially block it. The drink holder is perfect and located right where it should be for easy access. The umbrella holder mounts easily and has a notched locking mechanism that allows for it to be set at any desired angle. Except for maybe keeping some precipitation off of the clubs, maybe, I don’t understand the need for it. This is not a cart you would be pushing on the course unless a battery failure happens and umbrella holders usually afford a level of protection for the golfer pushing the cart. Having the ability to enjoy a snack and/or beverage while the cart moves on its own down the fairway is a huge benefit. Trying to do anything while pushing a cart is a challenge, at best, and this cart effectively frees up both hands, at least for a couple of minutes on a hole when the cart doesn’t need frequent input from the remote. I personally do not like the hands on controller on the handle. I suppose one could get comfortable with it but it is not intuitive and, as previously indicated, the speed of 4 is too slow and 5 is too fast. It is much easier and more practical to use the remote. I drive a Corvette and this unit “easily” fits in the cargo area with a set of clubs. I live and play in Florida and the MGI Zip Navigator allows me to have much more energy at the end of my round. My shoulders and back are no longer tired from pushing a cart around in 90+ degree heat in 90% humidity on wet grass. Now the cart does all of the work and I just walk along from shot to shot. I am very glad that I decided to get this unit and it will pay for itself in a single season.

  4. Matthew

    MGI Zip Navigator Black / 24V 380Wh Lithium Battery
    Great buggy for a regular golfer. Lithium battery lasts more than 18 holes and just requires a top up charge.
    Buggy is sturdy and robust but folds up nicely to fit in any car boot. I like the remote control which easily navigates the buggy even at long distances.
    Good strong strappings to hold any golf bag. Comes with a GPS holder and has an inbuilt USB charger port to top up your remote or smartphone battery!
    Umbrella and sand holder accessories come in handy and attaches to the buggy seamlessly.
    Had it for over a year now and it still works flawlessly in rain or shine.
    It can be a bit unstable on steep slopes and the all terrain version with wider front wheels would be a better option if you play on hilly courses.
    Otherwise I have no complaints.
    Alignment was off centre after a few knocks at the kerbs and brought it back to the dealer to service for FREE!

  5. Christopher

    Makes walking easy!
    I’ll start with the cons.
    1. It’s a bit on the heavy side even without the battery. Be prepared when putting it in your vehicle.
    2. The release for the anti tip wheel is a bit tricky to get at. It’s under the cart so the cart has to be tipped over to get at the release.
    3. The display is at times difficult to read.
    4. The speed dial on the cart console is touchy. Be prepared to have the cart take off faster if your thumb rotates the dial too far.
    5. If using the cart mounted controls, the cart can be steered using the cart handles. When using the remote, it can only be steered with the remote.
    6. It would be nice if the cart had a carry handle for use when putting the cart into ones vehicle. It’s awkward to pick up otherwise.

    1. Loading the bag is very easy. The bag sets on the cart without turning and the holding straps are very easy to connect.
    2. The remote control works really well and is pretty intuitive. I’ve had the cart out in front of me almost 100yds and it still stopped and turned on command.
    3. It’s surprisingly stable on hills and side-hills
    4. The multiple speed options work well and the fastest speed is at least a jogging speed if not a running speed.
    5. The cart stops almost instantly and the “brake” holds very well.
    6. Battery life is superb and the battery instal is very easy.

    I’m a bit of a clutz so it took me about a round and a half to feel completely comfortable with the remote and the dash mounted controls. My advise would be to practice in a bit in a park or a back yard before heading to the golf course. I like that I can move the cart ahead towards the next hole while I’m on the green waiting for others to line up their putts.

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