Mizuno Pro 225 Iron Set


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Mizuno Pro 225 Iron Set

Hot Metal Blade Design

The 2ND GEN of Mizuno’s staggering Hot Metal Blade – and the most playable of the Mizuno Pro series. More compact than the original with a revised CORTECH multi-thickness face for even quicker ball speeds. Equally effective as a long / mid-iron alternative for elite players or a complete set for low to mid handicaps. Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima, Japan, with a soft copper underlay for a uniquely satisfying Mizuno sensation at impact Mizuno Pro 225 Iron Set.

“The original Hot Metal Blade was an extension of our hybrid iron technology into a full bladed look set. The new Mizuno Pro 225 pushes the profile and size deeper in the realms of the tour – but commits more fully to the pursuit of ball speed.” David Llewellyn Director of R&D.

  • FORGED IN HIROSHIMA JAPAN: Grain Flow face and neck from Mizuno’s iconic facility in Hiroshima, Japan – where Mizuno irons have been produced since 1968.
  • SOFT COPPER UNDERLAY: A microlayer of copper beneath Nickel Chrome – for the purest, softest feel made famous in the legendary TN87. Reintroduced in 2018.
  • HOT METAL BLADE DESIGN: iron): Grain Flow Forged 4135 Chromoly Face & Neck (2-8 iron) – consistently 0.2mm thinner across the face. Combined with COR Forged Hollow Body 28.5g Tungsten weight (2-7 iron) to produce a higher skypro golf swing analyzer review, more stable flight and enhanced ball speeds.
    1025E PURE SELECT MILD CARBON STEEL 9-PW: With stabilising 431 steel back weight for precision and more penetrating flight in the scoring irons.
  • A BLADE FROM EVERY ANGLE: The Mizuno Pro 225 packs its high launching performance within a genuine blade looking profile – at address as well as the bag. Even more compact through the set than the original HMB. Especially noticeable in the mid & short irons.
Club # Loft Lie Bounce Offset Length Swing Weight
2 16.5º 59.0º 0.150 39.5″ D2
3 19.0º 59.5º 0.142 39.0″ D2
4 21.5º 60.0º 0.138 38.5″ D2
5 24º 60.5º 0.134 38.0″ D2
6 27º 61.0º 0.130 37.5″ D2
7 30º 61.5º 0.122 37″ D2
8 34.0º 62.0º 0.114 36.5″ D2
9 39.0º 62.5º 0.106 36″ D2
PW 44.0º 63.0º 0.098 35.5″ D3
GW 49º 63.0º 0.094 35.25″ D3


8 reviews for Mizuno Pro 225 Iron Set

  1. Benjamin

    Great clubs, fast delivery
    I recently purchased these irons and they play great. Accuracy and dramatically improved. Delivery was quick.

  2. Tyler

    Great clubs for beginner or intermediate golfer. The Stealth irons are easy to hit and have a heavy back making it easier to scoop the ball and make great contact with every shot. They’re weighted perfectly and have a large face that is very forgiving.

  3. Jackson

    The best of both worlds.

    I always dropped off a club and had the looks and the modern tech. These are it! Incredible feel forgiving for a “players” distance iron. I love the minimal offset compared to my old Apex irons. Definitely worth the 9 weeks wait.

  4. Christopher

    Upgraded irons
    Recently I bought the new Mizuno pro 225 irons. From trying out to fitting to playing these clubs they have made a solid impact on my iron game. I had the JPX 900 hot metal before and averaging 7-12 yards longer on each club and great control.

  5. George

    very good player’s cavity back
    Very good player’s cavity back iron. Bent stronger and slightly heavier than my 620CB’s, so you gain some distance., Very good feel. Excellent stroke feedback and soft feel, you can easily shape the ball. By default, Mizuno makes the lie 1 degree flatter than normal, which took care of my tendency to over-draw the ball. I added a 225-3iron to the set and it is a perfect match. It is not for beginners, more like hcp 0-20. I would buy again.

  6. Daniel

    If you like low irons, but it now

    This is a game changing club. In my opinion, very easy to hit. Produces a nice piercing ball flight.

  7. Andrew

    The best of both worlds.

    I always dropped off a club and had the looks and the modern tech. These are it! Incredible feel forgiving for a “players” distance iron. I love the minimal offset compared to my old Apex irons. Definitely worth the 9 weeks wait.

  8. George

    Great Clubs!

    These feel good and are very forgiving. Best Mizuno irons I’ve ever played. (MP30, MP64/MPH4) First time I’ve used a shaft other than S300 130. S300 120 and 225’s are a great combo!

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They are suitable from single figure all the way up to 18 handicap golfers, especially those who are new to the game but have a bit of speed and some hand-eye. These will last you for a long time on your golfing journey.

The 225s are Mizuno’s second generation Hot Metal Blade, they’re the most playable of the new Mizuno Pro series. The 225 are more compact than the original (MP-20 HMB) with a revised CORTech multi-thickness face for quicker ball speeds.

Within the golf market, Mizuno has made some of the best golf irons for decades, regularly winning tournaments out on Tour, and building a reputation for soft-feeling, great-looking pieces of equipment. There is a reason the phrase, ‘nothing feels like a Mizuno’ is so synonymous with its irons.

Mizuno golf clubs are made in Japan, but they are assembled in the United States. For many golf companies, to do the entire development of the clubs outside of the United States, it gets too expensive.

Mizuno is proud that its equipment is trusted and played by professionals across the world’s tours – many not contracted to do so. Our tour history is decorated with major winners and world #1s – many of whom played Mizuno on their ascent through the ranks.