SkyTrak+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package


Are your looking to buy SkyTrak+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own SkyTrak+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package.


SkyTrak+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package

The SkyTrak+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package is a golf simulator package offered by SkyTrak, a leading brand in golf simulation technology. While I don’t have access to the latest product information beyond my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, I can provide you with general information about what a golf simulator package typically includes.

The SkyTrak+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package usually includes the following components:

  1. SkyTrak Launch Monitor: The SkyTrak Launch Monitor is the heart of the simulator system. It uses high-speed camera technology to track the golf ball and provides accurate data on various aspects of your shot, such as ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more. This data is essential for analyzing your game and improving your performance.
  2. Hitting Mat and Net: The package may include a hitting mat and a net to create a dedicated area for hitting shots indoors. The hitting mat provides a realistic surface for hitting the ball, and the net helps to capture and safely contain the golf balls.
  3. Software and Simulator Package: The package may include software that connects to the SkyTrak Launch Monitor and provides a virtual golfing experience. The software typically includes a variety of golf courses to play, practice modes, and game improvement features.
  4. Mounting and Stabilization Options: Depending on the package, it may include mounting brackets, stands, or other accessories to securely position the skytrak golf launch monitor
    and ensure stability during use.
  5. Mobile Device Compatibility: The SkyTrak Launch Monitor is designed to work with various mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. It wirelessly connects to your device, allowing you to view and analyze your shots in real-time.

It’s worth noting that package contents, pricing, and availability may vary over time. For the most up-to-date and accurate information, I recommend visiting the official SkyTrak plus website or contacting their customer support directly.



  • Our SkyTrak+ entry level package
  • Dual Doppler Radar & Photometric System
  • Measures Club & Ball Data
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Multiple simulator software options

What’s included

  • SkyTrak+ Golf Launch Monitor
  • SIGPRO Golf Net, Side Barriers, Screen
  • Landing Pad
  • Your Choice of Golf Mat
  • Short Throw Projector
  • Play & Improve Software with Golf Course Play



The Indoor Golf Shop’s Bronze Package is perfect for golfers on a skytrak golf simulator price budget looking to improve any aspect of their game.

Featuring real time visual feedback and ball performance data outputted to a simulator screen, your Bronze SkyTrak+ package is everything you need to work on your golf game in the comfort of your own home.

Be sure to check out our SkyTrak+ Training Golf Simulator Package for Outdoor/indoor Training and our fully built out SkyTrak+ Golf Simulator Packages.


  • SkyTrak+ Golf Launch Monitor
  • Protective Case
  • Play & Improve Software
  • SIGPRO Golf Net
  • Side Barrier Netting
  • Crossbar Attachment
  • Preferred Impact Screen
  • SIGPRO 6′ x 10′ Landing Pad
  • Short Throw Golf Simulator Projector
  • Projector Floor Mount Enclosure
  • 15′ HDMI Cable & Lightning to HDMI Adapter
  • Charging Cable for SkyTrak+
  • Your Choice of Golf Mat


SkyTrak Plus For Sale



The newest launch monitor from SkyTrak, the SkyTrak+. Bringing major advancements in the core technology, the Skytrak+ adds  a dual doppler radar system and updated software to provide unmatched accuracy. With the added radar system, the SkyTrak+ is now able to track club data without the use of club stickers.

The SkyTrak+ brings multiple improvements not only in software and tracking but with functionality with the Shot Optimizer. The ST+ also allows for outdoor & indoor use, take it to the range or use it as your own personal golf simulator.


  • Tracks Ball & Club Data
  • New & Improved Shot Optimizer
  • Does Not Require Marked Balls or Club Head Stickers
  • Indoor/Outdoor Unit
  • Play & Improve Software Included





Protect your Skytrak+ with the protective case from SkyTrak. Accidents happen, don’t let a ball coming off the toe of your club damage your new unit! Made from a durable plastic material, the SkyTrak+ Protective Case ensures your unit won’t sustain damage from a poor shot.


The Play & Improve Plan with the Skytrak+ unlocks multiple features that transform your unit from a training device into a full Golf Simulator

 Included With PIP 

  • 15 E6 Connect Courses (iOS & PC)
  • 15 WGT Courses (iOS & PC)
  • Ability to integrate other third party softwares ( TGC2019, Creative Golf, Protee Play)



The SIGPRO Golf Net is engineered for easy assembly in minutes with a snap-button frame system that expands to a height of 7 feet, a width of 8 1/2 feet, and with the two-side barrier protective nets, a depth of 9 feet.

The reinforced net attaches as a sleeve over the frame, and golfers will quickly notice and appreciate how quietly and softly the net catches real golf balls allowing them to swing away with full confidence, as if they’re at a driving range.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Net
  • Golf Simulation Ready
  • 1 Year Warranty on Screen & Net
  • Dimensions: 8’6″ (L) X 9′ (D) x 7′ (H)
  • Easy to assemble frame

The landing pad is made specifically for the SIGPRO Golf Net. It measures 6′ (W) by 10′ (L).

It fills the area between the net and the hitting mat making it aesthetically pleasing and protects your floor from golf ball strikes.



The short throw projector integrates seamlessly with  skytrak sig10 golf simulator the Projector Shield floor mount enclosure system.

The Projector Shield allows you to place your golf simulator projector on the floor rather than hanging it from the ceiling. It is portable and does not need to be affixed to the floor, so when you’re done using your simulator you can just pick it up and store it until your next use.

HDMI cable and Lightning to HDMI Adapter included.


2 reviews for SkyTrak+ Bronze Golf Simulator Package

  1. Joseph

    Everything works well other than the skytrak unit itself. It is consistently unreliable. It goes into almost a sleep mode and won’t read at all. Small chip shots won’t read 15-20 times in a row regardless of ball location. Then you will drag your shoelace across the laser and it’ll read a 90 yard hit. The additional software needed to play courses is fairly pricey but definitely makes for a cooler experience. Personally, I would go with a different sim all together. The laser dot on the floor makes for a pain if you are playing a round. You have to move the machine from tee shots to fairway shots so the tee isn’t in the way (I ended up buying rubber cone tees to prevent from doing this).

  2. Thomas

    It’s great that you can reclaim the space with the Homecourse Pro Screen. I installed it just right above the garage door, but it ended up too short, with about 1 foot gap below. To clear the garage door, I installed it at 8’4″ above finish floor to the bottom screen housing. Based on the manual, installing it between 8′ and 9′ should have been okay, but now I’ll need to look some sort of platform below so that the screen is resting correctly. Other than that, I know I’ll enjoy having this setup, pairing this screen with Skytrak will provide much more practice time at home.

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