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Srixon Golf ZX7 Irons (7 Iron Set)

Product Description

A player’s iron that looks and feels like a blade while offering more speed and total control—ZX7 delivers it all.

A compact blade shape, narrow topline, single-piece forging, and narrow sole provide the workability, feel, and aesthetics of a world-class players iron.

Tour Cavity

Mass repositioned to ZX7’s sweet spot and perimeter provide a remarkably soft feel at impact and increased workability.

Progressive Grooves

Grooves in the 8i through PW are sharper, narrower, and deeper for more spin and stopping power on approach shots into the green.

Tour V.T. Sole

V-Shaped soles glide smoothly through turf, even if you strike slightly behind the ball. Srixon Golf ZX4 Irons also feature the resurgence of our popular sole notches.

Multi-Piece Construction

Tungsten in the toe of ZX7’s long and mid irons (3i-7i) increases MOI for more stability  while the forged 1020 Carbon Steel body absorbs vibrations for an extremely soft feel Srixon Golf ZX7 Irons.



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5 reviews for Srixon Golf ZX7 Irons

  1. Matthew

    Incredible! These are the best irons Srixon has made

    This set of irons is the best set that Srixon has come out with. I had the original Z745 which I was continuing to play until I tried these. I have tried every model since that Srixon has come out with and none of them made me want to switch. These are the real deal irons and everyone should give them a shot.

  2. David

    Srixon ZX7s over ZX5s

    I originally purchased the ZX5s with Modus 3 105R shafts. This set was a big improvement over my former set, Ping i20s with PX 5.5. I originally decided upon the ZX5s because of their touted additional forgiveness and and distance (I’m getting old!!). I was pull hooking the ZX5s and went in to hit on the simulator and try different shafts. I’m a fairly strong iron player and the fitter suggested I try the ZX7s. In addition to the change in heads, he suggested a change in shafts to a Modus 3 120X. The results indicate this is definitely the right combination for me. My yardages were about the same as the ZX5s, but I like the higher spin with the ZX7s. The dispersion was much better with the 120X shafts and I’m really surprised by how forgiving the ZX7s are. The sound and feel for me is far superior to the ZX5s which feel and sound like a game improvement iron, without a significant difference in forgiveness. The thinner sole on the ZX7s also seems to move through the turf much easier than the thicker sole of the ZX5s.

  3. Sebastian

    Awesome Irons

    Most of the golf clubs I have ever owned were hand me down irons from my grandfather. This is the first set of irons I have ever purchased and I couldn’t be happier! The ease of transition from my old clubs to the new SX7’s was seamless. I feel comfortable and confident over every shot. A great buy for any golfer.

  4. Jackson

    Srixon ZX7 … Soft, forged feel

    Srixon ZX7 irons have the soft forged feel that better players desire. These irons could be played by any consistent ball striker. Great feel, great look, great clubs.

  5. Tyler

    Looks great, feels great ,easy to hit

    I only got pw &9 to start a combo set w/zx5 but I could stay in zx7 up to 7i easily, forgiving for the type of club. Easy to hit,disp.is good. Very soft feel,mushy butter. Great quality look.

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