Srixon ZX7 ’21 Iron Set


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Product Details

Srixon ZX7 Iron Set

A compact blade shape, narrow topline, single-piece forging, and narrow sole give ZX7 the workability, feel, and aesthetics of a world-class players iron.

  • TOUR CAVITY: Mass repositioned to Srixon ZX7 ’21 Iron Set perimeter and sweet spot provides assistance on off-center strikes along with remarkably soft feel.
  • PROGRESSIVE GROOVES: Grooves in the 8i through PW are sharper, narrower, and deeper for more spin and stopping power on approach shots into the green.
  • TOUR V.T. SOLE: V-shaped soles glide smoothly through turf, even if you strike slightly behind the ball. ZX7 Irons also feature the resurgence of our popular sole notches.
  • MULTI-PIECE CONSTRUCTION: Tungsten in the toe of each ZX7 increases MOI for more stability while a forged 1020 Carbon Steel body absorbs vibrations for extremely soft feel.


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