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Are your looking to buy Stewart Golf Q Follow Compact Golf Trolley for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Stewart Golf Q Follow Compact Golf Trolley.


Stewart Golf Q Follow Compact Golf Trolley


Follow Experience
Experience the golf course in its purest sense with our Follow technology. Walk hassle-free down the fairway and leave your worries behind you as you get the pro-like benefit of being able to focus exclusively on your golf.The all-new Q Follow features the very latest seventh generation of Follow technology. Engineered to allow you to walk the fairway with zero distractions, this is the only way to walk.The Most Compact Follow Trolley Ever
The Q Follow is the most compact Follow machine we’ve ever made. The microcellular composite chassis folds in a few simple steps to fit in almost any car and will take up next to no room in your garage or home.Size
Size is a big factor for all golfers taking their trolleys to and from the course. This is why the all-new Q Series has been engineered with the most compact design ever for a Follow golf trolley.As a result of the new compact design, the Q Series can be carried one-handed thanks to a subtle yet comfortable handle located in the hinged front chassis.3 Modes of Operation
Experience golf like the pros with class-leading Follow technology allowing you to walk the fairway worry-free as the Q Follow remains two paces behind. Never worry about your clubs again with the total flexibility our new 7th generation Follow system allows.Ultimate Control
Featuring a rechargeable lithium battery and secure Bluetooth connectivity, the compact handset gives you complete and consistent control throughout your round.With up to a 50m range, you have total flexibility to walk independently of your trolley. When you want to completely forget about it, simply engage Follow mode, clip the handset to your belt or back pocket and walk ahead.

Complete On-Course Confidence
The Q Follow features a retractable stabilizer that automatically deploys as the trolley is unfolded. Equipped with two dual-bearing, free-rolling wheels and with supreme natural balance, this is a machine you can have total confidence in when tackling a hilly course.

  • Folded Dimensions
    • Height: 545mm
    • Width: 600mm
    • Depth: 318mm
  • Weight
    • Q Series: 14.1kg
    • Battery: 3kg
  • EcoDrive Motors
    • Bespoke Design
    • British Made
    • Power: 2 x 190 watts
    • Speed: 1500-1800 rpm
    • Ferrite Magnets
    • Single-piece steel body
    • Aluminium end casings
    • Replaceable carbon brushes
  • Electronics
    • Version 7 Follow System
    • World’s first three-dimensional distance measurement technology
    • Bluetooth Class 1 (High Power & Long Range)
    • Microprocessor Control
    • CE and TÜV certified
    • British Made
  • SmartPower Lithium Battery
    • LiFePO4 technology
    • Free Smartphone App
    • Bespoke case with automatic connection
    • Integrated cell management system
    • Tested for 2000+ charge cycles
    • 384Wh
    • 3.5kg
  • Q Follow
  • SmartPower Battery
  • Handset
  • Protective Handset Skin
  • Battery Charger
  • USB Power Lead
  • Stewart Golf Q Follow Compact Golf Trolley

Model: Q Follow




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