WellPutt 26′ Pro Putting Mat


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WellPutt 26′ Pro Putting Mat

About this item
  • Professional 26 x 3.12ft putting training mat developed to accurately replicate a medium-to-fast-green. Approved by Cameron McCormick, coach of Jordan Spieth, Daniel Berger and So Yeon Ryu
  • Multiple visual aids for body and putter alignment, stroke amplitude and eye positioning providing muscle memory and mental mapping solutions
  • Two rolling speeds according to the play direction. First direction to practice accuracy (stimp speed 11.5ft) and second direction to refine distance control (stimp speed 10ft)
  • 72 exercises on 3 different levels included on the Wellputt app (iOS and Android) and on the training book
  • Lifetime guarantee. UV resistant. Easy to clean, easy to store
Product Description

With this Wellputt putting training mat, you will be able to practice putting indoors or outdoors all year long, from the comfort of your home or office, in a playful way! Become unbeatable at 3ft, excellent at 6ft, awesome at 10ft! The high quality cut-pile surface is developed to accurately replicate a medium-to-fast green, with a stimp speed of 10ft – 11.5ft. UV resistant, easy to clean, easy to store! It’s conceived to allow players to putt in both directions – you will improve your accuracy in one direction and ensure proper ball speed in the other direction. the golf club simulator kit The golf alignment aids on the mat make it effortless to line up your putt, the stroke amplitude guides allow you to practice distance control. 2 speeds according to the play direction. For the first time you will make your ball roll over the hole and have it stop in the “Good Zone”! Used by world’s top Pro Players, this Wellputt golf mat has been approved by Cameron McCormick and awarded “Best game improvement mat” by MyGolfSpy in 2020! Over the years, Wellputt has become a leader of golf training aids. Our training mats’ innovative design will help you adjust your position, alignment, touch and speed control while having fun! They will make perfect gifts for men and women willing to improve their putting skills!


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