XXIO Women’s Prime 11 RE Iron Set


Are your looking to buy XXIO Women’s Prime 11 RE Iron Set  for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own XXIO Women’s Prime 11 RE Iron Set.


XXIO Women’s Prime 11 RE Iron Set

XXIO Prime Royal Edition is an unprecedented achievement of quality, luxury, and performance, all carefully curated for female golfers.

The stunning design and unmatched attention to detail provide speed, distance, and an incredibly easy swing feel. Experience the difference of ultra-premium equipment crafted for a woman’s swing. optoma eh412st best projector for golf simulator review

  • Weight Plus:  Weight Plus is a counterbalancing technology that places weights in the end of each shaft, located behind your hands as you grip the club. That grip weight helps push the club head up through your backswing for a more consistent top of swing position. And as you begin the downswing, the weight brings your hands into position, keeping your arms closer to your body for a squarer face at impact.
  • Super-TIX PLUS Titanium Face: Each XXIO Prime Royal Edition Iron face is made from Super-TIX PLUS Titanium, an incredibly strong yet lightweight alloy that adds speed to all your shots.
  • Twin Groove: Behind each iron face is Twin Groove, a unique structure with two interior slots that increase ball speed on low-face strikes. This technology, combined with the irons’ Super-TIX PLUS Titanium face, offers a 110% larger sweet spot than previous generations for added speed, consistency and distance in your iron game.
  • Step Sole: A stepped sole feature reduces contact area on the trailing edge of each iron sole, smoothing turf interaction for more consistent contact from any lie.
  • Lightweight Construction: The new XXIO Prime SP-1100K Royal Edition Shaft, with TORAYCA T1100G carbon fiber and NANOALLOY resin, is extremely lightweight to help produce more swing speed and distance with its smooth, easy-to-swing profile. The softer tip section also makes it easier to close the club face and strike the ball square.
Club # Loft Lie Bounce Angle Offset(mm) Length Swing Weight Club Weight
Club # Loft Lie Bounce Angle Offset(mm) Length Swing Weight Club Weight
7 30º 62.5º 1.0º 2mm 36.25″ B9 315g
8 34º 63.0º 2.0º 2.0mm 35.75″ B9 321g
9 39º 63.0º 3.0º 2.5mm 35.25″ B9 328g
PW 44º 63.5º 4.0º 3.5mm 34.75″ B9 334g
AW 50º 63.5º 5.0º 5.0mm 34.75″ C0 336g
SW 56º 63.5º 12.0º 5.0mm 34.75″ C0 336g


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What is the difference between XXIO and XXIO Prime?
XXIO’s primary line, the lightweight XXIO 11, is designed for golfers in the 80- to 90+ mph range. The new-ish XXIO X line is geared for aging better players who want something slightly lighter. XXIO Prime, however, is the ultra-lightweight option for ultra-moderate swing speed players.

Forged Titanium Face

The hot forged titanium faceplate is part of a 4-piece construction in the XXIO Eleven irons that provides greater speed and more distance on every swing.

They’re long, very easy to swing and have a high, game-improvement launch with seemingly enough descent angle and spin to hold a green. If you fit the target demographic, they’re definitely worth trying. Provided you have the cabbage. XXIO X irons will retail for $199.99 per stick in steel and $224.99 in graphite.

According to our testers, they do just that. “These irons are a breeze to hit. Just get it somewhere on the face and the ball is going.” Distance comes easier, too, especially for golfers with moderate swing speeds. Sounds exactly like the kind of stuff we all need.

Admittedly the XXIO X driver is a lot of money, but it’s worth a try if you lack distance, want a higher ball flight and to sample something a bit different in 2018. Very forgiving on off-centre hits and has no problem getting the ball up in the air. For many the lightweight feel will increase clubhead speed

XXIO Prime irons are true Super-Duper Game Improvement irons with a very wide sole, a deep cavity, and a Prime-specific graphite shaft. They’re cast bodies with a forged Super TiX titanium face.