Wilson Staff Model CB Iron Set



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Wilson Staff Model CB Iron Set

Inspired by our Wilson Staff V6 irons and designed to meet the performance requirements of our Tour Staff players, Staff Model CB irons feature modern control, workability and forgiveness with a classic look and feel that pays tribute to our long history of era-defining irons. 

  • TRI-BRACE STABILIZER™:  Our Tri-Brace Stabilizer in the cavity of the club head helps transfer more energy to the Wilson Staff Model CB Iron Set ball while delivering incredible sound and feel.
  • TUNGSTEN WEIGHTED DESIGN:  Twenty grams of high-density tungsten in the toe of long and mid irons enhances head stability at impact and lowers the center of gravity, for reliably consistent shots.skytrak budget golf simulator package price
  • FEEL & FORGIVENESS:  A forged, 8620 carbon steel face is backed by an integrated impact mass area, providing solid, muscle back-like feel with cavity back consistency and forgiveness on all types of shots.
Club # Loft Lie Length Bounce Offset(mm) Swing Weight
4 23º 60º 38.75″ 1 11 D2
5 26º 61º 38.25″ 2 10 D2
6 30º 61.5º 37.75″ 3 9 D2
7 34º 62º 37.25″ 4 7.5 D2
8 38º 63º 36.75″ 5.5 6.5 D2



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