BenQ MX825STH Golf Simulator Projector



Are your looking to BenQ MX825STH Golf Simulator Projector for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own BenQ MX825STH Golf Simulator Projector.


BenQ MX825STH Golf Simulator Projector

MX825STH Golf Simulator Review

The BenQ MX825STH is a versatile projector that can be used for various applications, including golf simulation. While I couldn’t find specific information about the BenQ MX825STH being marketed or optimized specifically for golf simulation, I can provide you with general information about the projector and its suitability for such applications.

The BenQ MX825STH is a short-throw projector, which means it can project a large image from a short distance. This can be beneficial for golf simulation setups where space is limited. With a short-throw ratio, you can place the projector relatively close to the screen or hitting surface and still achieve a large projected image.

In terms of specifications, the BenQ MX825STH Review offers a native resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels (XGA) and a brightness of 3,300 ANSI lumens. While XGA resolution is not as high as Full HD or 4K, it should be sufficient for most golf simulation setups. The brightness level is decent and should provide good visibility in moderately lit environments.

When it comes to connectivity options, the BenQ MX825STH offers HDMI, VGA, USB, and audio inputs, allowing you to connect various devices such as a computer, game console, or DVD player. It also has built-in speakers, which can be convenient for golf simulation setups that don’t require external audio equipment.

To use the projector for golf simulation, you would typically need additional equipment, such as a golf simulator software, a computer or game console to run the software, a hitting screen or net, and golf simulation sensors or cameras to track your shots. The projector would be responsible for displaying the virtual golf course and gameplay on the screen or hitting surface.

It’s worth noting that there are dedicated golf simulator projectors available on the market that are specifically designed for golf simulation purposes. These projectors often come with enhanced features, such as higher resolutions, better color accuracy, and specific settings optimized for golf simulation software. If you’re looking for a projector specifically tailored for golf simulation, it might be worth exploring those options as well.

In any case, when considering a projector for golf simulation, it’s important to assess factors such as image quality, brightness, connectivity options, and compatibility with your specific golf simulation setup.


Enjoy engaging presentations with minimal risk of shadows with the BenQ MX825STH 3500-Lumen XGA Short-Throw DLP Projector.

It features a short 0.61:1 throw ratio, which will allow you to place it very near your screen or other display surfaces, reducing the likelihood of someone passing in front of it and casting a shadow.

Its 3500 lumens of brightness combined with its 12,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 1024 x 768 native resolution will help ensure clear images even in rooms with ambient light.

  • XGA 1024 x 768 (4:3) Resolution
  • Bright vivid colors – 3500 ANSI lumens
  • Short Throw – 0.61:1 throw ratio
  • 5000 hours lamp life (Standard mode) / 15000 hours lamp life (Eco mode)

  • Anti-Dust Accumulation Sensor Resists Dust Buildup
  • Expanding Golf Simulator Possibilities with Short Throw Ratio
  • Creating Lasting Lessons with Striking Picture Quality
  • Uncompromised High Brightness
  • Enduring Picture Perfection from DLP Technology
  • Interaction on Any Surface
  • Multi-Touch & Multi-Screen Drawing
  • Windows Gesture Support
  • Sharp Details in Dark Scenes

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