Cobra LTDx ONE Length Iron Set



Are your looking to buy  Cobra LTDx ONE Length Iron Set for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own Cobra LTDx ONE Length Iron Set.


Cobra LTDx ONE Length Iron Set

The LTDx ONE Length Irons are designed at 7 iron length through the set for enhanced consistency and accuracy from club to club.


  • WHY PLAY ONE LENGTH? – Traditionally, people have a different setup, ball position and swing for every club in the bag causing inconsistencies. ONE Length reduces as many variables as possible by promoting one consistent setup, ball position and swing through the set. The result is more accuracy, more consistency and improved confidence.
  • PWR-COR TECHNOLOGY™ – A multi-layer PWR-COR™ weighting system features a steel core bar that is suspended within a polymer injected casing.The design promotes maximum flex of the body, face and sole at impact creating an elastic rebound effect that delivers powerful ball speed.
  • PWRSHELL™ FACE DESIGN – A forged face cup design increases ball speed across a wider area on the face.
  • SPEED TUNED WEIGHTING – An 8 gram toe weight enhances stability and can be adjusted down to 2g and up to 14g to dial in swing weighting for custom builds Cobra LTDx ONE Length Iron Set.
Club Loft Lie Angle Offset(mm) Length Swing Weight Shaft Flex

Arccos Grip Adds 0.25″ in length

5i 21.5º 64.50º 5.1 37.25″ D0 S, R
6i 24.0º 64.00º 4.2 37.25″ D0 S, R
7i 26.5º 63.50º 3.2 37.25″ D0 S, R
8i 31.0º 63.00º 2.6 37.25″ D0 S, R
9i 36.0º 62.50º 2.0 37.25″ D0 S, R
PW 41.5º 62.00º 1.5 37.25″ D1 S, R
GW 47.5º 61.50º 1.0 37.25″ D1 S, R



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