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Are your looking to buy PlayBetter SIG10 Golf Simulator Studio Complete Package for your golf playing experience better, Here we have summarized the advance benefits, pricing, product comparison, shopping discount code(if available currently) & few of customer feedback for your reference, read it fully and choose it your own PlayBetter SIG10 Golf Simulator Studio Complete Package.


SIG10 Golf Simulator Studio Complete Package

The SIG10 Golf Simulator Studio Complete Package is a golf simulator package offered by SIG10, a company that specializes in golf simulator technology. While I don’t have information specific to the SIG10 Golf Simulator Studio Complete Package as of my September 2021 knowledge cutoff, I can provide you with some general information about golf simulator packages.

Golf simulator packages typically include the necessary hardware and software components to set up a virtual golfing experience in an indoor environment. Here are some common components you might find in a golf simulator package:

  1. Simulator enclosure: This is a structure or netting system that creates a defined playing area and keeps the golf balls contained within the space.
  2. Launch monitor: A launch monitor is a device that captures data about your swing and ball flight. It measures parameters like clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more. This data is used to simulate your shots accurately in the virtual environment.
  3. Projector and screen: The projector displays indoor golf simulator buy the virtual golf course on a large screen or impact screen. The screen provides a surface for the projected image and is usually designed to withstand the impact of golf shots.
  4. Golf mat: A durable hitting mat is included to simulate the feeling of hitting from a real fairway or tee box. It provides a realistic surface for striking the ball.
  5. Computer and software: A powerful computer is typically included to run the golf simulation software. The software creates the virtual golf course, tracks the ball flight, and calculates the results of each shot.
  6. Accessories: Some packages may also include additional accessories like a golf club set, ball dispenser, practice nets, and other items to enhance the overall experience.



The SIG10 enclosure was designed to allow the image to fill in 100% of the screen, unlike other screen systems where there is white space at the top and bottom.

The SIG10 screen and enclosure pair beautifully with any launch monitor. Built tough, the SIG10 screen can withstand the hardest of golf shots time after time. Unlike other screens, we designed the SIG10 so that the image fills up 100% of the screen in HD for ultimate viewing pleasure.

SIG10 enclosure


HD 1080p Golf Simulator Projector

With full 1080 p HD Quality and a minimum of 4,000 Lumens, your golf simulator projector will have the best image and color quality for your indoor golfing experience. A 15′ HDMI cable and a Lighting to HDMI Adapter are also included with your projector!

SIG10 enclosure

Landing Pad Turf
The landing pad is made specifically for the SIG10 golf simulator. It fills in the area between the screen and the hitting mat making it aesthetically pleasing and protects your floor from golf ball strikes PlayBetter SIG10 Golf Simulator Studio Complete Package.

Ceiling Mount
The ceiling mount is a permanent option that ensures your projector is out of the way and safe from any stray golf shots.

Choice of Golf Mat:

SIG Golf Mats

Fairway Series 5′ x 5′ Golf Mat
Our Fairway Series mat is 5′ x 5′, roughly one inch thick, and can hold a real tee. Ideal for those seeking a realistic feel.

SIGPRO 4′ x 7′ Golf Mat
The SIGPRO 4′ x 7′ is easy on the joints and has enough space to set the SkyTrak on the mat so it is level with the ball.

SIGPRO 4′ x 10′ Double Golf Mat
If you have both right-handed and left-handed golfers, the 4′ x 10′ double-sided golf mat is ideal with a center hitting the strip.

SIG10 Studio Space Requirements

The SIG10 Golf Simulator Studio is able to fit into most compact spaces. The following are the recommended space dimensions:

  • 12′ Width
  • 18′ Length
  • 9′ Height

Make sure you can swing your club comfortably in your desired space, as you may need more than 9′ high ceilings if your swing requires it. You can always place your setup in a room or space that is larger than the recommended space requirements listed above.

  • Image Fills Up Entire Screen in HD
  • Premium, Handcrafted, Made in the USA
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Tight Knit Thick Polyester Impact Screen
  • Side Barrier Netting (in case you have the sh*nks)
  • Frame Dimensions: 8’4″H x 10’10″W x 5′ D
  • SIG10 Golf Simulator Enclosure
  • Side Barrier Netting
  • Landing Pad Turf (10’7″W x 9’7″D)
  • Choice of Golf Hitting Mat (Fairway Series 5′ x 5′, SIGPRO 4′ x 7′ or SIGPRO 4′ x 10′)
  • HD 1080p Golf Simulator Projector
  • Ceiling mount
  • 15′ HDMI Cable
  • HDMI to Lightning Cable


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9 reviews for SIG10 Golf Simulator Studio Complete Package

  1. Joseph

    Good Experience

    Bought the 10′ enclosure package (all except the launch monitor which another vendor had in ). Very easy to put together, less than 2 hours with two people. Quality is great, was using it the first day. Projector + Protector is big, still working the angles to get it perfect.

  2. Thomas

    Sig10 Enclosure

    Working with Gerald and Shop Indoor golf was a great experience. The enclosure and screen is incredible and they helped with instructing me on the setup. Great experience and highly recommend.

  3. Charles

    Set up and quality

    The product is great easy set up sturdy and easy to take down and put back up if you have landscapers

  4. James

    Loved this product!

    Love this! Easy to set up and easy to use

  5. Robert

    Great product at Great price

    Product came in nice storage bag. Is easy to lay out and set up. Wide enough and tall enough. I use it indoors and is pretty sturdy. I would imagine if used outside you’ll definitely want to use the ground stakes.

  6. John

    Great Father’s Day gift

    Great product. Easy to set up. Great to get a few swings in when you can’t get to a driving range. The three pockets in the screen are great for practicing chip shots

  7. Michael


    The SIG10 is really a nice product. The online videos of construction didn’t match the product – in that I received self locking poles. Which was easier so that’s ok. The instructions for the projector were not helpful, something just simply discussing distance from screen for mounting would have been good. That aside, amazing and I’m very happy with my purchase.

  8. Alexander


    I really appreciated Ricky from the indoor golf shop, he has been a big help!!

  9. Sebastian


    When I unboxed my enclosure, there were missing items. few min chat with customer service and it all got sorted out. 30 mins later an email from UPS indicating my shipment was on the way.

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